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Paddy does Issac & Johnny

Paddy O'Brian, Johnny Hazzard & Isaac Jones

Johnny Hazzard and Issac Jones spend the night with Paddy O’Brian, the man of their dreams. They take turns sucking Paddy’s famously fat cock before getting spit fucked. Issac gets to be the middle car in a fuck-train. And then Johnny let’s Paddy jizz on his face while Isaac drops a load on his back.


Johnny, Aitor and Gio behind bars

Aitor Crash, Johnny Hazzard and Gio Cruz

Inmates Johnny Hazzard and Aitor Crash put on a show for prison guard Gio Cruz in this scene from Butch Dixon.


Steven Daigle: XXXposed

Big Brother 10 house guest Steven Daigle — by far the cutest token gay to have ever participated in the reality TV series — makes his porn debut this week in Rascal’s eponymous XXX video. Here’s the first glimpse of Steven Daigle: XXXposed, thumb a video that capitalizes on his career on the gay rodeo circuit. He’s sort of a real-life version of Jack Twist. I wish I could quit… staring at his cute ass!