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Joey wants Randy’s big dick

Joey & Randy (Sean Cody)

Joey didn’t get enough of Randy’s huge dick in the threesome they had with Jordan a few years back, so they’ve both come together to take care of some unfinished business… Randy was happy to oblige! — Sean Cody


Howard tops Joey

Joey & Howard: Bareback (Sean Cody)

Howard couldn’t get enough ass, so he’s back to take Joey’s big butt… and my, oh my has it grown!

He kept sneaking a few peeks at Joey’s ass throughout the day, and was so distracted by it he couldn’t think straight.

‘I’ve been doing my squats!’ Joey explained how his ass got bigger and better.

‘Joey’s awesome… but I’m a little distracted and bias because of the ass.’ Howard couldn’t get enough of it!” — Sean Cody

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Nixon fucks Joey’s bubble butt

Nixon & Joey: Bareback (Sean Cody)

Nixon is at it again… this time, with muscle bottom, Joey! These two muscle gods made us all weak in the knees watching them wash the car outside. Soap, water and a couple of wet, white t-shirts…these are the things dreams are made of, especially with bodies like these behind the shirts! As the boys were getting all nice and wet, Joey admitted to something, “This is kinda turning me on right now!” Nixon continued to wet him, exposing the abs and chest behind the t-shirt, until the shirts finally came off and the rest of the playing was brought back inside the house for some more privacy. — Sean Cody


Winter Getaway: Day 5

Winter Getaway Day 5 (Sean Cody)

Robbie, Atticus, Brendan, Blake and Porter arrive on day five, joining Lane, Brodie, Joey, Tanner and Rowan to create the biggest Sean Cody orgy to date.


Winter Getaway: Day 4

Winter Getaway Day 4 (Sean Cody)

After spending the day taking in the beautiful mountain scenery, Brodie, Joey, and Rowan take Lane back to the cabin fora getaway gang bang.


Winter Getaway: Day 2

Winter Getaway - Day 2 (Sean Cody)

After participating in a five-man orgy, Lane, Joey, and Brodie make a Sean Cody sandwich.


Winter Getaway: Day One

Winter Getaway - Day 1 (Sean Cody)

See what happens when five Sean Cody fuck buddies — Lane, Brodie, Joey, Tanner and Rowan — take some time off for some fun in the mountains.


Brodie digs into Joey’s bubble butt

Brodie & Joey: Bareback (Sean Cody)

Bottoming just comes naturally for Joey. He has so much fun riding Brodie’s big dick he cums without touching himself. And Brodie busts a nut with his cock buried deep inside Joey’s tight bubble butt.


Sean sinks his cock into Joey’s ass

Sean & Joey: Bareback (Sean Cody)

Watch Sean cram his big, giant cock up Joey’s cute little power bottom butt. You can tell from the way he moans, Joey likes!


Sean Cody Four-way Pt. 2

Dusty, Curtis, Perry & Joey: Bareback (Sean Cody)

Dusty, Joey, Curtis and Perry enjoy a cum-drenched butt-banging blowout in the second half of their climactic fourgy.


Sean Cody Four-way Part 1

Dusty, Joey, Curtis & Perry - Four-way Part 1 (Sean Cody)

What happens when you bring four horny versatile hunks for a rousing round of group sex? Every orifice gets crammed with cock, naturally. Dusty, Joey, Curtis and Perry are the friendliest foursome since the three musketeers let d’Artagnan tag along for the ride.


Squeaky clean Joey & Dean

Dean & Joey (Sean Cody)

OK, guys, now drop those towels and start fucking! Dean and Joey go at it for two rounds in this multi-orgasmic bareback scene.


Joey breaks in Oliver

Sean Cody -- Oliver & Joey: Bareback

It’s time for Oliver‘s first man-on-man sex scene and Joey‘s here with his “magic hole” ready to break him in. First Joey gives Oliver a lip-smacking blowjob. Then Olive repays him by eating his ass. Once Joey’s hole is coated in spit lube, Oliver sinks his hard cock into Joey’s ass. Joey blows his first load while getting piston pumped by Oliver right before Oliver cums on his ass. Finally, Olver rolls Joey over and fucks him to another orgasm right before he splooges all over Joey’s taint.


Joey rides Mac bareback

Sean Cody -- Joey & Mac: Bareback

Mac entertains Joey by taking him horseback riding. But Joey can’t wait to get to the fun part. That would a blowjob in the barn. And then it’s back to the house where Joey rides Mac bareback.


Joey, Randy & Jordan bareback 3-way

Joey, Randy & Jordan threesome

According to Jordan the secret to a good threesome is to just have fun with it. And that’s exactly what he has during his bareback threeway with Joey and Randy. What could be more fun than getting your g-spot tapped by a hard cock while you’re slamming your dick up another dude’s tight hole? Watch them go at it at Sean Cody.