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More Than Ready — Alex, Logan & Bobby

Alex Graham, Logan Vaughn & Bobby Clark

After an afternoon with his buddy Logan Vaughn playing football, Alex Graham admits he’s been staring at Logan’s hot ass, so Logan bends over and lets him have a taste. When their friend Bobby Clark joins in, they make Alex a sandwich. There’s no need for a halftime show when you have friends like this.

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More Than Ready — Alex Graham

Alex Graham

Some naked pics of hunks football stud Alex Graham from Jocks’ football themed video More Than Ready for some football. Full frontal nudes after the jump…


More Than Ready — Bobby Clark

Bobby Clark

Naked glamour shots of Bobby Clark from Jocks’ football fuck flick More Than Ready for some football. Full frontal shots after the jump…


More Than Ready — Logan Vaughn

Logan Vaughn

Cute athletic hunk Logan Vaughn is More Than Ready for some football. Nude glamour shots after the jump…


More Than Ready — Jake & Tyler flip

Tyler Alexander & Jake Steel

Fuck buddies Tyler Alexander and Jake Steel play a game of strip table football where each goal costs an article of clothing. When Tyler wins, Jake lets him claim his prize: Jake’s throbbing hard cock. Tyler — bare-assed in nothing but a tank top — climbs over the table to suck Jake’s dick. Jake nibbles Tyler’s foreskin when he returns the favor. They both come out winners as they take turns fucking each other.

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The Paddy-palooza continues

Paddy O'Brian

Here’s Paddy O’Brian in all his chiseled naked glory.


Seth Black sucking off Michael Lucas

Maximum Cruise Watch Full HD movie now in Male-Erotika Gay Porn Theater

A young Michaal Lucas gets an under-the-counter blowjob from Seth Black, jerking his big, uncut dick in the cute little cocksucker’s mouth in this classic porn clip from Jocks’ Maximum Cruise.


Sit Tight 2 — Spencer Fox & Jed Athens

Jed Athens and Spencer Fox take turns sucking each others dicks. Then they flip-fuck, with Spencer parking his pretty little ass on top of Jed’s lap. From the Jocks feature Sit Tight 2, which co-stars Micah Brandt and Donny Wright.


Pretty boy Jed Athens

Jed Athens

From Sit Tight 2. Cute little twink Jed Athens ditches the speedo after the jump…


Smooth and sexy Spencer Fox

Spencer Fox

Glamour shots of Spencer Fox showing off his smooth, athletic body from Jocks’ Sit Tight 2.


Jeff Hammond — All Night Long

Jeff Hammond

Classic glamour shots of gay porn star Jeff Hammond from the Jocks video All Night Long. More nudes of Jeff showing his big dick and sexy ass after the jump…


Tommy Defendi fucks Andrew Jakk

Tommy Defendi shoves his big fat cock up Andrew Jakk‘s hot little ass.


Tommy Defendi showing his boner

Tommy Defendi

Tommy Defendi, the furry porn star with the big dick and puppy dog eyes, whips it out after the jump…


Quarterback Sack gang bang

The football team has an orgy in the locker room in this scene from Jocks’ Quarterback Sack.


Donny Wright’s got a nice boner

Donny Wright

Adorable Donny Wright as he appears in Jocks’ Big Rock Cove.


Sean gives Jeff a midnight blowjob

Sean Dickson deep throats Jeff Hammond‘s big fat dick and eats his delicious ass in this scene from Jocks’ All Night Long.


Benjamin Bradley does Roman Heart

Roman Heart does Benjamin Bradley

Real-life on-again-off-again lovers Benjamin Bradley and Roman Heart take turns sucking and fucking each other in this scene from Jocks Studios’ Driver.


Benjamin Bradley’s got a boner

Benjamin Bradley

Gay porn hunk Benjamin Bradley in glamour shots from the 2005 video Driver.


Roman Heart showing wood

Roman Heart

Falcon Exclusive Roman Heart in glamour shots from the 2005 video Driver.