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Free porn scene — Christmas Orgy

Friday flashback: Why watch that I Love Lucy Christmas special (in color!) when you could be watching this other holiday classic from Next Door Studios? Not a member? Not a problem. Click on over right now and watch this full-length, 40-minute fuckfest for FREE! Consider it a Christmas bonus.

Shot in 2011 — which makes it about 25 in porn years — this XXX-mas “classic” features Next Door Exclusives (at the time) Tyler Torro, James Huntsman, Brody Wilder, Johnny Torque, James Jamesson and Anthony Romero in an all-male Christmas orgy. This scene has everything — handjobs, blowjobs, big beautiful boners, bubble butts, and a whole lotta boning. Plus, you get hot naked guys in Santa hats, and everyone gets a “dick in a box” because that used to be a thing.

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Laundry Fluffin’ — James does Johnny

Johnny Riley & James Huntsman (Next Door Studios)

Johnny Riley just doesn’t know when to stop pushing his luck. After pleading with his ex to use the washer/dryer, he makes a pass at his ex’s step-brother. James Huntsman doesn’t really get down like that, but Johnny convinces him pull out his cock and give it a try. Gagging Johnny with his hard dick, James begins to see why his brother would put up with Johnny’s bullshit, but when Johnny bends over and gives up that ass, James gets the full picture. He pounds Johnny from behind, grabbing him by the waist and slamming his hole, as Johnny strokes himself.Giving him the spin cycle, James flips Johnny over and fucks the cum out of him, then drops his load all over the conniving little laundry slut. Rubbing it into his skin and smiling, Johnny knows there’s no way James will tell his ex. — Next Door Studios


Celebrity Massage — Griffin does James

Griffin Barrows & James Huntsman (Next Door Studios)

As a massage therapist, Griffin Barrows sees a lot of different bodies, but as he works his trade on James Huntsman‘s back, he can’t help but marvel at the specimen before him. James’ ripped back and arms are holding more than their fair share of tension, and as Griffin kneads and prods, he feels James begin to loosen up. James admits to Griffin that he’s in need of some serious release, and Griffin affirms that assessment when he flips James over and begins working on his chest. James is carrying tension in his arms, his pecs, and his thighs, but Griffin senses that where James is in most need of attention is between his legs, so he wraps his fingers around the shaft of James’ meaty cock and gives it a squeeze. James asks him if this treatment will cost him extra, and Griffin winks, telling him it’s a first timer’s discount, before plunging down full bore on James’ cock, sucking at the head and working his way down to the base. Griffin deep throats as James closes his eyes and enjoys it, but when Griffin turns him back over and begins to eat his ass, James realizes he’s in for a completely unexpected surprise. Flipping him back over, Griffin strokes James’ cock a bit more before mounting it, slowly lowering himself onto James’ dick. James gives his ass a smack and Griffin rides him like a cowboy, grinding on James’ cock as he plays with his taint. James, fully piqued, takes the situation under control and bends Griffin over his table, pounding him from behind as Griffin smiles with every thrust. He twists back onto his back and begins to work himself off as James fucks the cum out of him, pulling out and launching his pent up load all over Griffin’s sweat drenched body. Slapping his cock against Griffin’s taint, James doubles down on his promise to come back soon. — Next Door Studios


James Huntsman delivers a big package

James Huntsman & Quentin Gainz (Next Door Studios)

With a knock on the door, a simple delivery becomes a sudden stroll down memory lane for Quentin Gainz and James Huntsman. Buddies from high school, they are both surprised to see each other when James makes a delivery drop at Quentin’s house. After some quick catching up, James asks Quentin what’s so heavy inside the box, and Quentin responds that he just has a big package. James laughs, recalling the times in high school that they messed around, telling Quentin it still stands as some of the best head he’s ever gotten. Quentin raises his eyebrows at this, telling James he’s learned some new tricks. James is curious, and Quentin seems willing, so without even moving from the doorway, Quentin throws James up against the wall, stripping him out of his uniform to reveal his massive body. It’s clear James has been keeping up with himself as Quentin inches down his muscle sculpted body to his cock. Taking it into his mouth, both guys experience a warm feeling of fond memories, as Quentin spins James around and begins to tongue at his hole. Quentin wasn’t lying about a new batch of tricks, and when James spins him around and slaps his cock against Quentin’s hole, Quentin tells him he can take the whole thing now, not just the tip. James tests out Quentin’s claim, shoving his cock deep inside Quentin and pounding him from behind against the doorway, laying out on top of the box and fucking him missionary as Quentin strokes his batch all over his chest, cumming hard as James pulls out and blasts him with a package load special delivery.Enjoy! — Next Door Studios


Fire Drilled — James fucks Brandon

Fire Drilled -- James Huntsman & Brandon Lewis (Next Door World)

Brandon Lewis and James Huntsman are a pair of EMTs who start a fire during some down time at the firehouse.


Butt naked hunk James Huntsman

Gay porn star James Huntsman butt naked (Next Door Male)

Hot, buy blond, levitra bubble butted bad boy James Huntsman strips naked so he can stroke his uncut cock.


Bro Hike — James does Dominic

Next Door World -- James Huntsman & Dominic Reed (Bro Hike)

James Huntsman takes his buddy Dominic Reed for a hike on his favorite trail. When they stop to take a break from exploring the hills overlooking sunny, Southern California, James lets Dominic explore his chiseled naked body.


Riley Price blows James Huntsman

The Buddy System — Watch Full HD movie now in Male-Erotika Gay Porn Theater

James Huntsman — in a shirt, tie and socks but nothing else — gets a sweet blowjob from Riley Price.


Kyle gets tagged by James & Tyler

Tyler Torro, Kyle Quinn & James Huntsman

Kyle Quinn‘s in need of a good personal trainer. He ends up getting pumped by two fantastic personal trainers — bull hung Tyler Torro and the always game James Huntsman.

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James Huntsman does Luke Milan

James Huntsman & Luke Milan

Luke Milan is a fastidious tailor who needs to measure James Huntsman‘s inseam. But if you think something unseemly is going on here… You would be right!

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James Huntsman and his bike

James Huntsman

These straight boys sure love their motorcycles. Like Brock Cooper before him, order James Huntsman jacks off on his motorcycle. More hotness after the jump…


Six lads a-laying!

Christmas Orgy

Because no gay porn Christmas would be complete without naked guys in Santa hats, here’s a Next Buddies Christmas Orgy. Each Next Door hunk wants to give you his dick in a box in this holiday XXX-mas special!


James Huntsman needs to jack off

James Huntsman

James Huntsman
plays with his cock in front of a video camera.


Tyler Sweet sucks off James Huntsman

James Huntsman & Tyler Sweet

When he sees him sunbathing by the pool, Tyler Sweet decides he just has to get a taste of James Huntsman‘s big uncut cock…


Joe Parker blows James Huntsman

James Huntsman & Joe Parker

James Huntsman and Joe Parker play a game of laser tag, and the loser’s going down! Smoking hot hardcore gay blowjobs pics after the jump…


Blowing the boss

Riley Price goes down on James Huntsman

Riley Price gives his boss James Huntsman some personal assistance. Hardcore gay blowjob pics after the jump…