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Jack ravages Sean’s hole

Jack & Sean: Bareback (Sean Cody)

Jack seems to get bigger and buffer every time we see him. “I’ve just become obsessed with lifting weights.” Sean definitely noticed too. He was shocked by the size of Jack’s muscles just as much as Jack was amazed at the size of Sean’s huge dick, so we knew they would have fun with each other. Of course, Jack wasn’t there for Sean’s dick…he was there to take control and ravage his hole! I think both parties were left satisfied given the amount of cum blown all over their bodies by the end of it all! — Sean Cody


Jack gets a taste of Blake’s sweet ass

Jack & Blake: Bareback (Sean Cody)

Jack and Blake look amazing together. We took them on a little day-trip on a boat to have some fun tubing and lounging around. The sun was strong, so sunscreen was a must. Jack squirted a little too much on Blake’s chest and rubbed it all over. Blake just sat back and relaxed. “I’m used to being covered in white stuff, it’s fine!” These two hunks couldn’t keep their hands to themselves! They touched and kissed every chance they got! We knew this was going to be a great, cum-filled day! Jack really gave it to Blake, and even after they were all done, they still couldn’t keep their hands off each other! “I think I found my new favorite!” Jack just laid there, worn out in absolute bliss while Blake continued to feel him up… — Sean Cody


Big Jack nails little Jayden bareback

Jack & Jayden: Bareback (Sean Cody)

There’s nothing like two hot guys playing some basketball with their shirts off, and getting all hot and bothered by each other’s competitive nature and sweaty bodies. Jack won the game, so game two ensued and the sexual tension intensified. “Game two is my dick in his ass!” Jack was ready to play another “sport”, and Jayden responded to that with a smile. “Everybody is a winner in that game!” Jack never disappoints with his enthusiasm, “I’m looking forward to having sex with this guy and fucking his ass really hard! I’m super excited!” He is the sweetest guy, but when it comes to fucking, he’s an animal! Jack likes to give it his all, and that means rough and hard! Jayden had no opposition to that. “And I’m looking forward to being on the receiving end of exactly that. It’s gonna be a good time!” — Sean Cody


Jack reams Rusty bareback

Sean Cody -- Rusty & Jack: Bareback

It’s Jack, and the bodybuilder, cialis vs. Rusty, the gymnast. After showing off their skills at the beach and in the weight room, Rusty takes it up the ass. Then Jack lets Rusty cum on his face. But they can’t stop at one orgasm apiece. Jack takes Rusty into the living room where he gives him his first rimjob. Then he pounds his ass until Rusty blows a second load. Jack dumps another sloppy cum wad all over Rusty’s worn out hole.


Jack & Randy fight to be on top

Sean Cody -- Randy & Jack: Bareback

Here’s what happens when you put two alpha males together. Overall Jack, salve the giant, cialis is the bigger man. But Randy has a bigger guess. So maybe they should arm wrestle to see who gets to be the top. Jack wins, so Randy gets fucked. But he gets rewarded with a blowjob when Jack sucks his first cock.


Jack and Dean tear it up at the gym

Sean Cody -- Dean & Jack: Bareback

If Dean wasn’t such an insatiable pig-bottom you’d have to feel sorry for him. Because when Jack gets a hold of his hot, little acrobatic ass, he practically rips him a new asshole as Jack fucks him on every piece of workout equipment at the gym.


You don’t know Jack

Sean Cody -- Jack

Jack‘s a bodybuilder with gun as big as you head. He’s mostly into girls but he did have one experience with another guy. Watch his first solo scene at Sean Cody.