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Jambo Africa — Helmut does Kieran

Kiernan Benning & Helmut Huxley (Bel Ami Online)

This is the first part of a mini-series within our ‘Jambo Africa’ series, with the next 2 parts coming next month. We have told you before that Helmut Huxley and Kieran Benning are actually distant cousins, so this storyline is based around that fact. Helmut has been getting a bit bothered that all the other guys in the house have been bringing back lovers of their own and he has been missing out, so he decides to get in on the action and help teach Kieran what it takes to be a top BelAmi model. — Bel Ami Online


“Get Lost In Their Eyes”

Jerome Exupery & Helmut Huxley (Bel Ami)

It’s cute Bel Ami boys Jerome Exupery and Helmut Huxley kissing and fluffing each other in this homoerotic photo shoot.


Bel Ami Pin-Up Helmut Huxley

Helmut Huxley (Bel Ami Online)

Helmut Huxley’s a happy horsehung hottie who takes off his shorts to show off his gigantic uncut cock.