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Double Or Nothing — Ashton Summers, Travis Stevens & Josh Brady take turns getting DP’d!

Travis Stevens, Josh Brady & Ashton Summers (Helix Studios)

Real life boyfriends, Ashton Summers, and Travis Stevens decide to add a third sexy stud to this party. And then, they decide to double the dick in each one of their holes! But first, some SERIOUS cock sucking goes down! From dick licking trains, to our boyfriends working in tandem to tantalize Josh Brady’s beefy bone, this masculine, meat eating montage leaves no cock uncleaned. Summers is a sex dream cum to life, and our boy loves every erotic aspect of the act, even watching his boyfriend, Travis getting porned out by Brady. Stevens squats down on the dude’s big rig; as, Ashton spreads his smooth backseat to take in the schlong slamming scene. Then, Ashton adds his enormous appendage to the party. Stevens takes both guy’s engorged cocks like a champ, and the boys do NOT go easy on him! Ashton is up next. He sits his lusty latin loins down on his boy’s beefed up bone, then Josh jimmys his giant into the already crowded, cock hungry hole. You can see the sweet mix of pleasure and pain on Ashton’s fuck me face, while both dude’s drill him hard. Finally, it’s jock boy Josh’s turn to get torn up. The cock horny couple lay down and put their dicks together, creating one fucking FAT piece of meat to stretch the shit out of their lucky third. Alpha man Brady surprisingly slides right down onto the double dose of dicks. We guess, even an alpha needs to be stretched like a bitch sometimes! The double ducking drives the dude to a new place of pleasure, and it isn’t long before Brady’s big beast blows, blasting a heaping helping of hot jizz onto his happy trail & throbbing hard cock! Porn’s perfect couple are next to explode! Summers grabs both their girthy groins and strokes them together with one hand, until they bust in beautiful unison! Josh renters the picture to thank his double pleasure givers with generous kisses and caresses, as fresh cum slips and slides between the sexy, stretched out thrupple. — Watch the hardcore preview @ Helix Studios

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A summery shoot with Ashton Summers

Ashton Summers (Helix Studios)

He knows it’s cute, and he knows you want it! It’s not officially summer yet, but it’s already starting to feel like it. And that seems like a good enough excuse to post some sexy shots of Ashton Summers at a romantic, rustic hideaway. Honestly, though, I’m just doing it because he’s hot as fuck. And now that he’s back shooting new scenes for Helix Studios, you can see him in other summer-themed videos such as Hot Summers Night or Poolside Pound. Check out the rest of his videos here and see more nudes after the jump…

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Luke Wilder looking spicy in CK

Luke Wilder in black CK briefs (Helix Studios)

Here’s a sexy, nearly nude photoshoot by Alejandro Palomares of handsome, square-jawed Helix Studios model Luke Wilder in his black Calvin Klein briefs — and little else. He’s fine! More erotic, prick-teasing shots after the jump… or see him in action over here!


Patriotic heartthrob Luke Wilder

Shirtless patriotic hunk Luke Wilder flying the American flag. (Helix Studios)

Here’s a little reminder that America ain’t all bad. Yet. It’s some pics of patriotic Helix heartthrob Luke Wilder. If these sexy shirtless pics put you in the mood for something harder, you can find all of Luke’s hardcore videos here!

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Surfer Solo — Luke Wilder jerks off

Sexy surfer Luke Wilder (Helix Studios)

Enjoy the last days of summer with sexy surfer Luke Wilder at the beach, showing his peach and “waxing his board.” This lean, square-jawed hunks whips out his pretty cock and polished his pole.


Rise ‘n Shine — Josh does Logan

Josh Brady & Logan Cross (Helix Studios)

When Logan Cross steps out of the shower and finds Josh Brady asleep with morning wood, he can’t resist. He’s gotta get in there and have a taste. And really who could blame him? That cock looks so perfect and delicious. Watch Josh give Logan a sausage breakfast after the jump…


Josh Brady bottoms for Corbin Colby

Josh Brady & Corbin Colby (Helix Studios)

With a little help from his buddy, Josh Brady opens himself to a new experience when he bottoms for the first time for Corbin Colby during a bareback flip-fuck scene. After some mutual blowjobs, ass eating, finger banging and butt fucking, Josh bends over and lets Corbin pound his hunky bubble butt.


Ben Masters: Seduction Solo

Ben Masters (Helix Studios)

Ben Masters is a stunning, graceful, sexy young man. He seduces you slowly and puts on one hell of a sexy stroke show. Long and lean like a powerful ballet dancer, Ben strips down and puts his perfect body on display. Our boy bends over to show off his hard round rump, spreading it open like the gates of heaven. With moans of pleasure, Masters fingers his hot hole as his smooth low hangers hypnotize and he keeps the other hand full of hard cock in the front. This is a show all it’s own, trust me. After he satisfies his own ass, Ben gets on his back to work that beautiful cock. This is the Rolls-Royce of dicks and Masters works it as such. Long and thick and absolutely gorgeous, Ben strokes his prize while running his other hand over his rippling torso and tugging his balls which are filling up fast. The quickening of breath lets us know he’s about to blow. The kid coats him self right down the middle, filling his beautifully sexy belly button with boy jizz. Ben knows this is top shelf nut and doesn’t let a drop go to waste. He turns his perfect profile towards the camera, then licks the liquid lust from his fingers. — Helix Studios


I will follow him…

Gay porn star Blake Mitchell (Helix Studios)

Blake Mitchell is more popular than ever, and it seems he has fans in unexpected places. It’s easy to see why.


Hunk vs. Hole — Josh does Landon

Landon Vega & Josh Brady (Helix Studios)

Hunk of beef Josh Brady starts off with a handful of Landon Vega‘s ass, from there on out he makes it his mission to own that hole. Being a seasoned cock server, Brady takes his time and enjoys the journey allowing Landon to worship his weapon with his warm wet mouth. Josh isn’t selfish with his hunky talents, tackling Landon’s latin love muscle before opening the kid’s smooth hole. He spreads the boy’s butt to get as deep as possible, burying his entire face inside eating the sweet center like a savage till Landon is begging to get dicked. Josh asks “You want me to tear it up?” The answer is yes…… and the fucking that follows is phenomenal. Brady bangs the boy’s butt bareback with the fuck force of a battering ram and all the kid can do is get lost in the fuck. Driving his hungry hole back against Brady’s big dick, Landon loves every inch, as does his hard dick which is dripping with joy. The kid’s cum has been corralled long enough and he lets his latin love loose all over Brady’s beautiful brawny body. Josh thanks his bottom for the epic fuck by unloading all over the kid’s face, covering it in hot cum. — Helix Studios


Soccer Hotties — Josh does Logan

Josh Brady & Logan Cross (Helix Studios)

It’s sizzling soccer boy sex as Logan Cross meets up with Helix new-cummer Josh Brady to kick it and get the balls rolling with a little sweaty & shirtless summertime sport. Don’t miss an inch of Josh’s deep-dick debut that’s complete with jocks, cocks, and full contact twink action! — Helix Studios


Josh Brady does Cooper Steel

Cooper Steel & Josh Brady (Helix Studios)

Introducing, Josh Brady. Josh is a strapping, young, buff & hung, made in the O.C., 100% Grade-A stud. Recently, he hit the sheets with Helix Studios fan-favorite, Cooper Steel for a get-to-know-the-newbie rookie interview & ice breaker, as well as the main event — a hot AF x-rated exhibition in topping a twink. Don’t miss a minute or an inch as we get up close and personal with Brady’s bunch and watch him wear Cooper out! — Helix Studios


Pumpkin Smashers — Brad, Sean & Joey

Pumpkin Smashers -- Brad Chase, Sean Ford & Joey Mills (Helix Studios)

It’s always a party with the boys at Helix, but when a holiday rolls around it gets NUTZ! Join Joey Mills, Brad Chase and Sean Ford during their photo shoot with some great pumpkins! Apparently holding big booty shaped objects of any kind sends these 3 beauties into a horned up holiday hump-fest! The boys jack their lanterns and treat their tricks in a balls to the wall thrusting threesome! Watch as the guys oil up for the camera then get worked up and worked ON by each other. The boys take turns burying their big candy bars bare and raw in a holiday party only Helix could throw for you! — Helix Studios


Fantasy Football — Josh does Justin

Josh Brady & Justin Owen (Helix Studios)

Josh Brady and Justin Owen — who both just happen to be Helix Studios’ two juiciest jocks — spend the afternoon enjoying a game of football and some fucking. Watch these two red-blooded all-American hunks in Fantasy Football.


Ready for My 3-Way

Blake Mitchell, Logan Cross & Justin Owen (Helix Studios)

Justin Owen steps out of a steamy shower and straight into a hot threesome with Blake Mitchell and Logan Cross. Fresh twink meat gets licked, reamed and creamed in this hardcore scene from Helix Studios’ Ready For My 3-Way.


Suds & Buds — Justin does Troy

Justin Owen & Troy Accola (Helix Studios)

Justin Owen gets some company in the shower when he’s joined by another dirty boy, Troy Accola. They take turns giving each other slurpy wet blowjobs under the steamy hot water.


Fair Game — Blake does Justin

Blake Mitchell & Justin Owen (Helix Studios)

Blake Mitchell pops Justin Owen‘s Helix cherry in his first bottoming scene at his new home. Since Justin fucked Blake’s boyfriend, it’s only fair. Blake reasserts his alpha status by reaming Justin’s shapely ass. Check out these hardcore porn gallery of Justin getting fucked by the biggest dick at the studio after the jump…


Sunset Screw — Brad & Justin

Sunset Screw -- Brad Chase & Justin Owen (Helix Studios)

When two beautiful young lovers, Justin Owen and Brad Chase, take a romantic stroll down the beach at sunset, it puts them in the mood.


“Blowing the New Guy”

Blowing the New Guy -- Justin Owen & Tyler Hill (Helix Studios)

Tyler Hill welcomes the rookie, Justin Owen, to his new home at Helix Studios. Scroll through Justin and Tyler’s hardcore suck and fuck porn gallery after the jump…


Justin Owen at Helix Studios

Naked porn hunk Justin Owen (Helix Studios)

It’s the new and improved Justin Owen, looking a little more muscular. The 23-year-old, versatile bisexual hunk is now a new exclusive at Helix Studios.