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The Haunting — Dillon, Jake & Arnaud

The Haunting

During a Halloween drive through the country, Jake Steel and Dillon Rossi stop to fool around in a cemetery. “I might give you a blowjob, but not ‘do it,'” Jake says. “That would be creepy.” They go down on each other behind a mausoleum — with Dillon swallowing Jake’s load. But they awaken the restless spirit of “creepy but hot” Arnaud Chagall, a very friendly ghost who follows them back to their Amityville Horror-style country house for a phantasmagorical threeway. Nice homage to The Shining in the opening minutes.


Makeout Point — Ian, Jordan & Cameron

Jordan Levine, Ian Parker & Cameron Marshall

Lovers Ian Parker and Jordan Levine are stalked by peeping Tom Cameron Marshall, who strokes his fat cock to a volcanic cum spurt while watching them fuck. This slasher parody ends with a creamy oral cum shot and a shocking twist.


Dead Head — Kevin & Anthony

Anthony Romero & Kevin Crows

Kevin Crows is a cum-thirsty vampire and Anthony Romero is a horny little devil. The flesh they crave is rock-hard cock, and it’s Kevin, the vampire, who’ll be doing the impaling.


Boys Night Out

Eric Pryor unwittingly helps three horny, undead hunks (Derek Atlas, Caleb Strong, and Paul Wagner) go out with a gang bang. Hardcore pics after the jump…


James Jamesson will Thrill Her

James Jamesson does Brittany Amber

Bisexual porn hunk James Jamesson is an animal in bed.


Demon Lover — Rod & Silas

Rod Daily and Silas O'Hara

Rod Daily is Silas O’Hara’s demon lover.