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Greg Plitt is a prick tease!

Trainer & fitness model Greg Plitt of Bravo's Work Out

Lately it seems like every other reality show star has a secret — or sometimes not so secret — porn career. But these porn scandals rarely involve anyone I’d like to see. Unfortunately, cure Greg Plitt falls into the “if only…” category. I guess I’ll just have to make do with all those bulging beefcake photos or his fitness pr0n DVD.

Or I’ll have to settle for his wankable antics on this week’s “Work Out.” Greg and fellow trainer Renessa got so plastered during a weekend retreat, sickness they forgot they were on Bravo instead of MTV while cavorting in the hotel hot tub. Renessa kept her clothes on, viagra sale but the editors still had to blur out her nipples after her dress became transparent. Greg, on the other hand, stripped down to his underwear so he could splish and splash in his clingy, soaking wet briefs with the beginnings of a raging hard-on.

If this fitness thing doesn’t pan out, maybe Greg should try a career as a lumberjack because he seems to be a persistent woodsman. In an earlier episode catty Rebecca noticed he popped a boner while training a nubile client.

UPDATE: Sad news. Plitt died Saturday, November 17, 2015 after getting hit by a train in Burbank.