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Nicky tops Graham

Nicky & Graham: Bareback (Sean Cody)

“Hot newcomer Nicky is back to pound some ass, and Graham is offering his own tight hole for the taking! We asked Graham if Nicky was his type, ‘I don’t really have a type as of late, I’ve just been kinda going with it.’ But knowing what has been said about Nicky, he quickly became a person of interest, ‘Yes, oh yeah. Especially if the rumors about him are true…’ ‘What are the rumors?’ Graham whispered enthusiastically, ‘He’s got a big dick…big! That’s my type actually…it just gotta be big!’ Well, not only did he get the big dick he wanted up his hole, but he also got a face and mouth full of Nicky’s hot load! Some people just always get what they want…” — Sean Cody

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Graham takes Forrest’s gay virginity

Sean Cody -- Forrest & Graham: Bareback

Forrest currently identifies as straight, search but he’ll probably need to reconsider that classification after his first gay experience with Graham. He’s super excited about getting his first gay blowjob, stuff because he’s heard that gay guys give the best head. He’s even gung ho about giving his first blowjob when he lets Graham film a POV suck session. Forrest has such a good time during the making of his first hardcore gay porn scene he even has an accidental orgasm in the middle of filming it.