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Gents — Klein Kerr & Dario Beck

Klein Kerr & Dario Beck (Men At Play)

Dario Beck is probably one the most clean-cut men we’ve met, but even the most preppy “Men at Play” have a filthy streak that comes out every now and then. And when Dario’s in a dirty mood, his favourite spot to get some cock-action is the mens-room. And all it takes just a quick glance in Klein Kerr’s direction to have dropping to his knees, and gets sucking on the handsome stranger’s cock. Klein then pins hungry bottom Dario against the mens-room wall, pulls his trousers to the floor and fucks his hairy man-ass long, and deep. Watch the amazing chemistry from these guys all the way through and right to the simultaneous cum explosion, covering the floor with their sticky cum. — Men At Play


Gents — Matthew Anders & Dani Robles

Gents -- Matthew Anders & Dani Robles (Men At Play)

Matthew Anders enjoys an illicit workplace hookup with Dani Robles when he goes cruising for cock in the men’s room.