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See Taylor Shift take it off

Taylor Shift (GayHoopla)

Wow! Gayhoopla starts off 2017 with one of the hottest guys you will see this year in all of gay porn. Taylor Shift has one of the most amazing bodies ever and claims to have only worked for it 6 months. His smile is also to die for making our hearts instantly melt. His butt is also one of our favorite things just poking out of his tight shorts. — GayHoopla


Sean Polo’s first solo

Sean Polo (GayHoopla)

Meet Sean Polo, a horny 19-year-old jock with an untrimmed bush and a juicy bubble butt. Watch aspiring fitness model pop his porn cherry by rubbing one out in his first GayHoopla solo.


Fit muscle jock Jonny Pitt jacks off

Jonny Pitt (GayHoopla)

Built like a linebacker, hung like a horse. Jonny Pitt is the definitely the king of his class. This muscle jock had some serious swag and charm about him with the best smile ever. His curves were unreal with one of the hottest asses I’ve ever seen. Jonny Pitt is about 5’11” and weighs 190lbs of pure muscle. He right now is in the peak of his life and is ready to show you what a badass mother fucker like him is capable of. — GayHoopla


Flirting with Forrest & Alex

Alex Griffen & Forrest Marks (GayHoopla)

Alex Griffen and Forrest Marks checking each other out during their pre-sex porn shoot. And I think they like what they see. Click over to GayHoopla to watch Alex fuck that ass.


Go to bed with Rob Burry

Hot naked hunk Rob Burry in bed. (GayHoopla)

You’ve probably already seen Rob Burry fucking a lucky lady’s brains out at Hot Guys Fuck. Clearly he’s the kind of guy who likes to get playful in bed. He’s currently a male stripper, but he used to be a booty fit instructor. Can you tell?


Go to bed with Blake Jackson

Blake Jackson (GayHoopla)

Blake Jackson is a handsome 25-year-old who’s sowing his wild oats. His sexual misadventures include hooking up with a hot married couple he met online. Blake’s sexuality is pretty fluid, so you can find this horny bisexual hunk engaging in hetero hookups at Hot Guys Fuck or doing other dudes at GayHoopla.


Kyle Dean — Cute jock with a big cock

Cute naked hunk Kyle Dean (GayHoopla)

Kyle Dean has the cutest, most precious little butt. You could practically hold it in one hand. His cock, however, is another story. It’s definitely a girthy two-fister. See this 18-year-old jock get it up after the jump…


Monday moon shot — Jimmy Bona

Hunky baseball player Jimmy Bona has a juicy bubble butt. (GayHoopla)

New GayHoopla dude Jimmy Bonais a hunky jock with a one of those big, magnificent baseball butts. If I fell into the crevice and got stuck for a 127 hours, I totally wouldn’t mind. And his cock isn’t bad either. See this ginger slugger out of his uniform after the jump…


Midnight cowboy — Colt McClaire

Hunky cowboy Colt McClaire (GayHoopla)

“What’s up, mothafuckers? It’s Christmas time. And I’m here to jack off for ya!” That’s how this raucous sourthern charmer kicks off his raunchy solo video. If The Cowboy is your favorite fantasy man, Colt McClaire is pushing all the right buttons. He’s got the boots, the hat, and that down-home drawl. He even shows off some bronco-bustin’ stripper cowboy moves. But best of all, he’s got a big, enormous, gigantic… belt buckle. In short, everything a pornographic Midnight Cowboy needs.


Jaden gives Jason a blowjob

Jason’s First Time With A Guy — Watch Full HD movie now in Male-Erotika Gay Porn Theater

During his first same sex experience Jason Keys enjoys a sweet blowjob from chiseled GayHoopla hunk Jaden Storm. Lucky bastard!