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No more homo haters! Ever!

Watch Joan Crawford smack the crap out of stupid, hateful homophobic bigot Stacey Pritchard. Because someone this proud of their ignorance deserves to become an internet meme.

Prop H8 is unconstitutional — again…

A federal appeals court in a 2-1 decision ruled that the California’s gay marriage ban violated the U.S. Constitution. Of course this won’t stop H8ers from H8ing. Equality opponents vowed to appeal, because Maggie Gallagher (aka Ina Garten’s evil twin sister) doesn’t want to give up her gravy train.

Hard math — 1 dead gay = 8 months in jail

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UPDATE: Stephen Moller’s parole has been denied.

Dan White served a notoriously light 5-year sentence for the premeditated murder of Harvey Milk and Mayor George Moscone. He offed himself 23 years ago — less than two years after being set free. But his despicable legacy lives on. The reviled “Twinkie defense” that White’s defense team successfully exploited has morphed into the equally effective and doubly reprehensible “gay panic” defense.

American juries are literally letting gay bashers get away with murder.

But in a socially conservative state like South Carolina a Twinkie defense isn’t even necessary. Consider the absurdly lenient sentence handed to Stephen Moller for killing Sean Kennedy, an openly gay man, outside a bar in 2007. Moller was convicted of involuntary manslaughter last June and given a three year suspended sentence and three years probation. The judge gave him credit for time spent in jail prior to the conviction — which means he could be on the streets again as early as next month having only spent 8 months in prison since his conviction.

South Carolina Equality, a gay rights organization, noted that a person could get a harsher punishment for mistreating an animal.

Cockfighting is punishable with sentences ranging from one to three years and/or a $1,000 fine.

And once again we see that our legal system treats chickens better than gay people.

Moller was initially brought up on murder charges, but a grand jury determined that he acted without “malicious intent” and reduced the charge to involuntary manslaughter.

Moller punched Sean Kennedy in the face, causing him to fall and smash his head on the pavement. After fleeing the scene like a limp-dicked coward, Moller sent this voice mail to one of Kennedy’s friends…

“Hey, I was just wondering how your boyfriend’s feeling right about now. [laughter] … The fucking faggot. … Yeah boy, your boy is knocked out, man. The motherfucker. Tell him he owes me $500 for breaking my goddamn hand on his teeth, that fucking bitch.”

Does that sound like a man who was acting without malicious intent?

Anti-gay animus was clearly a factor in Moller’s brutal assault, but Elke Kennedy, Sean’s mother, thinks investigators didn’t take the issue seriously. All signs point to her assessment being correct. Miller Shealy, a South Carolina attorney who was questioned about the case, even admitted prosecutors often conceal a victim’s homosexuality for fear of alienating jurors…

“Sometimes as a prosecutor, I’d just rather that information stay out… It might put my victim in a bad light [for jurors who are opposed to homosexuality] and I don’t want anything to invite bias.”

Get that? If the jury knows the victim is gay, they might take the killer’s side!

This bullshit has to stop right now. But that’s not going to happen unless we start making some noise about it. Yes, even us porn bloggers and porn surfers. Queerty has more info about an action item aimed at stopping the bigoted thug Stephen Moller from getting an early parole.


CNN newsreader TJ Holmes sucks — but not in the good way

Guess which newsreader will have zero credibility the next time he pretends to be objective while covering Prop H8 or any other gay-related “Culture War” story.

That would be CNN himbo TJ Holmes.

Sure, ailment he’s hot. But he sucks harder than a Hoover.

Here’s what he had to say on CNN’s blog about eHarmony’s recent decision to launch a same-sex dating service after settling a discrimination lawsuit…

[W]hat this case does now is open up a whole new world of possibilities and consequences.

There are dating web sites that cater to Black people. Can someone sue because they won’t be matched with a white guy or gal? There are dating web sites for Jewish people. Can someone sue because they won’t be matched with a Christian? Or other religion? And yes, viagra sale there are even sites dedicated to gays and lesbians. Can a heterosexual now sue those sites for not providing them a straight match?

Beyond that, viagra can you now sue a steakhouse if they don’t have chicken on the menu? … Can I sue a Lamborghini dealership because they don’t offer an affordable, 4-door alternative to the Murcielago?

Notice how he completely left out the prospect of a whites-only dating service from his hypothetical? Activist blogger and frequent CNN commenter John Aravosis did and posted this snark in the comments section…

Yes, next thing you know they’ll start banning whites-only dating sites. Oh that’s right, those are illegal

Note to TJ Holmes: You suck! And your hypocritical, homophobic douchebaggery has earned you three out of a possible four Colin’s.

Colin says you suck! Colin says you suck! Colin says you suck!