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Jarrod Lanvin gets railed by Bruce Querrelle at

Jarrod Lanvin & Bruce Querrelle (

For those of you who don’t click on this site to watch the boys discuss long-term investment strategy, we return to a more familiar scene opening: playfighting with Liam Efron, Jason Bacall and Kevin Warhol. We invest a lot decorating the boy’s apartments.

We wonder why we bother as they’re amused by the simplest things. Of course, their favorite “hobby” is fucking. So, when the hijinks our over, and the adrenaline is still high they need to expend their energy somehow. That way is of course through sensuous sucking, robust rimming and frenetic fucking. Bruce Querelle and Jarrod Lanvin provide all that and more as Bruce pounds a huge load out of Jarrod who shows his appreciation with his cum flying high over his shoulder and all over his chest. — Watch the preview @

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Sven Basquiat cooks up something tasty at

Sven Basquiat (

Whether it’s sex, running, exercise or cooking, Sven throws himself into every task with a determination to give it his all.

Still, when we gave him the job of being the catering master for the house, we were impressed with how our smiley chef managed to keep all the guys fed and satisfied while keeping up with his filming work as well.

His enthusiasm to go all-out is on full display in this chat as it runs a little longer than expected. If you don’t have time to watch it all, the hard dick part begins at 12:35. — Watch the preview @

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(more…)’s A Very Sandy Christmas

Jerome Exupery, Helmut Huxley, Antony Lorca, Pip Caulfield, Kieran Benning, Nils Tatum & Sven Basquiat (

Although this video is from last year’s trip to Africa we decided to give it to you here today due mainly to it’s very festive theme… but also because it is a lot of fun with a ton of great looking guys.

Although it looks that it is a very dangerous sport, we can assure you that none of our beauties sustained any permanent injuries during the production of this Christmas special. — Watch the preview @

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Introducing charming cameraman turned model Viggo Sorensen

Viggo Sorensen (

Introducing us to the charming Viggo Sorrensen is Director Luke Hamill who is standing in for our regular interviewer George Duroy. You will probably note an unusually close rapport between Luke and Viggo and that he is strangely relaxed for a first-time model. The explanation is the unusual career trajectory he has underwent with us. You see, Viggo worked as a cameraman for about a year before deciding to go in front of the camera.

Normally models that work as cameramen do so after their modeling days are over. Viggo is the first model to work as a cameraman first. Perhaps we were willing to make an exception because we suspected that Viggo, with his good looks and great body, would eventually want to model. Before working for BelAmi he was a semi-professional break dancer. You can look forward to Viggo demonstrating other types of moves as you will see much more of Viggo (and his camerawork) in the future. — Watch the preview @

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Monday moon shot — Kirk Gauguin’s perfect peach

Kirk Gauguin pulling down his shorts to show off his sweet cheeks.

Kirk Gauguin pulling down his shorts to show off his sweet cheeks.

“This is our final Viva Colombia photo-session and the only one to lack an actual Columbian. Instead we have the seductive Kirk Gauguin to stir your libidos.

We’ve had these special Art Collections courtesy of Eliot Klein and guest photographer Benno Thoma for over a year and their ending is bitter sweet. Bitter in that we’ve truly enjoyed this series and our sorry to see it go. Sweet because we have a new series to look forward to — ‘BootCamp’ — and we think you’ll enjoy it just as much.” — Watch the hardcore preview @

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Talkative Jim Durden’s tasty Freshmen jack off session

Jim Durden (

Jim Durden isn’t simple, but he is, in many ways, easy. He’s an easy interview. While Kevin must use all his considerable charms to get some boys to speak, a simple “How are you?” will have Jim talking for ages.

He’s easy to work with. Hardworking and diligent. he always puts his best effort into everything he does. He’s easy to depend on. He’s a good family member whose favourite pastime is spending time with his kid sister at the zoo or local pool.

Despite working at Bel Ami, he’s kept a steady boyfriend (no doubt helped by his wise decision to keep his personal life separate from his work life). All that and he’s easy on the eyes too! You’ll exhibit this first-hand as no chat with Jim would be complete without a show afterwards. — Watch the preview @

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Cute blond cam boy Ashton Montana makes his Freshmen debut

Ashton Montana (

Here is your first look at Ashton Montana a model who began his career with us as one of our chat boys.
Although he was chatting online for quite a while, it took him considerable time to approach us to inquire about filming.

Fortunately, he discovered that he enjoys filming as much as chatting and will become a regular feature here at and — Watch the preview @

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Bart Cuban jacks off after his Freshmen interview

Bart Cuban rubs one out & takes a shower (

We had out interview with Riff Dornan last week, and he is back again today acting as translator for Luke Hamill as he interviews fellow newcomer, Bart Cuban.

Bart has a kinship for horses, and not just because he is endowed like one. He also enjoys riding and breeding horses.

His interests are more then equine as he likes going into the “big city” for the opportunities and fun it provides. Watch the video to find out why Bart’s nickname among our models is “Game Over”. — Watch the preview @

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Freshmen hunk Paul Cassidy doesn’t waste it; he wants to taste it!

Paul Cassidy jack off & shower session (

Paul Cassidy is an exhibitionist. A characteristic he has honed and perfected on BelAmiChat over the past year. He is putting that trait to good use in front of Luke’s camera as he does his best to please us in this solo performance.

He loves to play with his ass as he jerks off, his hefty balls bouncing with every stroke.Those who are fans of Paul, his perfect body, and his exhibitionism can rest assured you’ll see plenty more both here and at — Watch the preview @

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Monday moon shot — Eluan Jeunet keepin’ it clean

“Earlier this year you were treated to an interview with Eluan Jeunet. Here is one of his solo performances. Our original plan was show you a solo we filmed with him in Cape Town.

But happily, Eluan was in town 2 weeks ago filming with Blake Mitchell and we decided to ask Viggo to film a new solo. This is the result. So, you’ll have another Eluan solo to look forward to as well as a scene with a bespectacled, uncut, big-dicked American.” — Watch the hardcore preview @

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Kevin Warhol gives Alec Morrison maximum pleasure

Alec Morrison & Kevin Warhol (

Kevin Warhol is our KinkyAngels stalwart for this scene with Alex Morrison representing team Freshmen. While this is the first scene he filmed with us, this is his second time with Kevin who was his off-camera trainer. Kevin is always a great choice as a first-scene partner as he instinctively knows how to give his partner’s the maximum pleasure.

Alex did his casting and photo-shoot with us and then took a year off to decide whether he wanted to take it further. Fortunately, he did. To save you the time of having to scour our archives from a year ago we’ll tell you that you can see his previous scenes and photo shoots in editions 53, 45 and 35. — Watch the preview @

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Elio Chalamet is all peaches and cream in this Freshmen masturbation scene

Elio Chalamet (Freshmen)

Those who have had their days brightened by Elio Chalamet at can attest to the following: he is, undoubtedly, one of our most charming recent recruits of, is always full of laughs and is a pleasure to be around.

His life, like his personality, is full of energy and never boring as he shares a house with Paul Cassidy and Nils Tatum. — Watch the preview @

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Paul Cassidy shows up with a boner in his shorts ’cause he came to play

Paul Cassidy & Justin Saradon (Freshmen)

We began Paul Cassidy’s introduction on last month in a scene with Pierre Cezanne and it concludes this month with Justin Saradon. The seduction starts in the bathroom.

Those who enjoy three-ways might be disappointed when they quickly dismiss Kieran. That disappointment will disappear as soon as you witness the hot oral action. A delicious appetizer before the main course that takes place in the bedroom.

You may forget Justin’s vastly greater experience when you see Paul’s natural gift for making love. It manifests as a scene featuring two very accomplished lovers as the sex is fast paced and intense highlighting Paul’s love for getting fucked.

Remember this is only Paul’s introduction. We’re confident that those yet convinced to hold him as a firm favorite will, like Justin, eventually succumb to his charms. — Watch the hardcore preview @

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Finger lickin’ good! Meet spunky Freshmen cutie James Walsh

James Walsh masturbation scene (Freshmen)

This interview and solo with James Walsh is a collaborative effort: Luke Hamill, Adam Archuleta and Joel Birkin all contribute to filming; naked Eluan Jeunet provides the translations; Matthew McEwan asks the questions. Perhaps this abundance of collaborators explains the wealth of material.

There was so much that our editors could only cut it down to 22 minutes. Is all this time worth it? Ultimately, you’ll have to decide that. We believe the sight of James’ obvious enjoyment as he plays with his ass and jerks off will convince you that this is one good thing that is worth waiting for. — Watch the hardcore preview @

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Pip Caulfield is just looking to get fucked by Nate Donaghy’s big dick

Pip Caulfield & Nate Donaghy (Freshmen)

There is a common plotline in our two hardcore Freshmen episodes: Boy home alone. Boy Horny. Boy calls friend. Boys fuck.

There are important differences as well. Sven Basquiat is a blond twink with an urgent desire for a well-muscled man to satisfy his needs.

Pip Caulfield is a brunette twink who only has need of one “muscle” which his buddy Nate Donaghy has an abundance of.

The first scene featured two versatile performers; this scene features two performers with clear specialties.

Pip is an especially remarkable bottom who just loves getting fucked. Pip doesn’t want a long-term affair or romance.

From the outset it’s clear that he wants a big dick and a great fuck. Nate is happy to agree to those terms and delivers what Pip needs.

Pip appreciates it- perhaps too much- as Nate must stop fucking several times to ensure Pip doesn’t shoot his load too soon. — Watch the hardcore preview @

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4Play — Nino & Mael

Nino Valens & Mael Gauthier by Rick Day (Freshmen)

“The following photo set by Rick Day is your first view of our new Hungarian model Mael Gauthier. Here he is combined with Nino Valens. You will get to know all about him in due course.” —

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Bruce Querelle does Christian Lundgren

Bruce Querelle & Christian Lundgren (Freshmen)

Bruce Querelle has many fine attributes: a handsome face, a hot body and a big dick.

Unfortunately, he seems to lack the gift of figurative language as he likens Christian Lundgren’s ass to “two cloves of garlic”.

Fortunately, Christian is horny and far more interested in how Bruce will satisfy his ass than how he describes it.

It’s apparent from the start that the boys are treating this scene as a private lovemaking session ignoring the presence of cameramen.
Luke senses the sexual energy and eroticism the two boys share and wisely lets them “direct” themselves.

Their passion is plentiful throughout culminating in explosive cumshots. Is Christian on the verge of snatching Marcel Gassion’s title of “Bottom of the Decade” away? What do you think? — Watch the hardcore preview @

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Bart Cuban in the flesh

Hot naked twunk Bart Cuban (

“Last week we gave a preview of stunning Hungarian newcomer, Bart Cuban. Here we continue to tease our intro to this swarthy sultan of sex. These pictures will, undoubtedly, make it more difficult for you to wait for his first sex scene which will come later in the year. But his partner for that scene will be Hoyt, so we trust the wait will be worth it.” —

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See Bruce Querelle big ‘n’ stiff

Hot naked hunk Bruce Querelle (

“Today we get to start our official introduction of sexy newcomer, Bruce Querelle here on Freshmen. Bruce is one a model who has quite an interesting life. He has been in the Foreign Legion, worked as a carpenter and is now filming with us and working on BelAmiChat. His first scene on BelAmiOnline was with Ariel Vanean and he will be having his hardcore debut here with Jon Kael in January.” —

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Bel Ami cutie Paul Cassidy

Sweet assed Bel Ami hunk Paul Cassidy

Have you met Paul Cassidy? He’s cute blond, beefy model from Bel Ami. Only 19-years-old, he started out doing BelAmiChat before transitioning to hardcore on the main site. Now you can see him in action at Bel Ami Online or its sister site


Monday moon shot — Eluan Jeunet

Eluan Jeunet (Freshmen)

“Eluan Jeunet has recently brought some Christmas cheer to our BelAmi members. Today he’s here to relieve the winter blues in his Freshmen introduction. Aside from being a model, Eluan works full-time at our Bratislava office. Tall, athletic, handsome and hung, we’re sure you will enjoy seeing more Eluan.” —

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Watch Tom Rogers shower & stroke

Naked showering hunk Tom Rogers (Freshmen)

One lust to rule them all. Hobbits, Elves and Men are the three broad categories that describe our boys. Pip Caulfield is a hobbit — small cute and endearing. Nils Tatum an Elf — tall lean and sexy. Our newcomer, Tom Rogers, is all Man — handsome, athletic and muscular.

George is the interviewer for the opening video — expertly getting Tom to open-up. The solo section starts off in the shower and ends with Tom fingering his own ass until he cums. Afterwards, he can’t resist having a taste of his efforts. Could you? Tom’s hardcore debut will be in three weeks as part of our BelAmiOnline 25th anniversary special. — Watch the hardcore preview @


Mario Texiera keepin’ it clean

Hot naked hunk Mario Texeira (Freshmen)

Just another dirty boy keepin’ it clean. See sexy pin-ups bubble-butted hottie Mario Texiera taking a bubble bath after the jump…

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In bed with Mario Texiera

Hot naked twink Mario Texeira (Freshmen)

Here is our preview of a Slovak boy who will go by the Nom de porn Mario Texiera. I’ll refrain from a lengthy comment as you will get more information in his interview and solo. Suffice to say he is a beguiling combination of passion and shyness. —