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Loving Kris — Kris does Miguel

Kris Evan & Miguel Estevez (Bel Ami Online)

We’re going All-Hungarian today when Kris Evans gets together with newcomer, Miguel Estevez. Prior to this month, you have only seen Miguel in solo scenes (and one blowjob with Julien Hussey) but he makes his hardcore debut on both BelAmiOnline and Freshmen this month, with more coming next month and over the summer.

For those of you who don’t follow our comments on the boys intently, today’s scene opening is typical of Kris, both in the fact that he is walking around the apartment naked, and in the fact that he is trying to convince Miguel not to waste money.

When it comes to cash, Kris may be a saver, but when it comes to sex, he is definitely a very generous giver, and it seems Miguel is happy to accept everything with pleasure. — Bel Ami Online


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Night Scene — Antony does Yuri

Antony Lorca & Yuri Alpatow (Bel Ami Online)

Today we have our dark haired Adonis, Antony Lorca, together with our blond Hungarian, Yuri Alpatow in our latest night scene. Our night scenes may be the most intimate and romantic series here on BelAmiOnline and today’s scene definitely follows that form with slow and sensual lovemaking at it’s best. — Bel Ami Online


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“Roommate Agreement”

Let me introduce you to my new roommate Jeremy. He is a straight construction worker who just got laid off. I decided to help him get through this difficult period. But what’s in it for me? We agreed that anytime he is in the house, no matter in which room he is, no matter what he is doing… he is all mine. — Maskurbate


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Going gay — Maxmilian Dior again

Vadim Farrell & Scott Reeves (Bel Ami Online)

Another gay porn scene featuring straight porn star Maxmilian Dior — aka Bel Ami’s Scott Reeves. This time he hooks up with big dicked bottom Vadim Farrell. After sucking and fucking Vadim to orgasm, Scott swallows Vadim’s load.


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Heated — Killian blows Addison

Killian James gives Addison Graham a blowjob and swallows his load. (Falcon Studios)

Addison Graham and Killian James satisfy their craving for cock and cum in this oral only blowjob scene from Falcon Studios’ Heated. See these hot cocksuckers suck and swallow after the jump…


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Going gay — Michael Vegas serviced

Here’s another gay porn video featuring straight male porn star Michael Vegas. This time Michael (aka James Oak) builds confidence and self-esteem by using a penis enlargement kit. Not that he needs it. Afterward, he lets a man cop a feel while measuring his dick, checking for enhanced length and girth. Then he jacks off while fucking himself with a big, rubber dildo. But that’s not all! Michael makes a POV blowjob video by recording himself getting serviced by a gay guy. The dude gets him off by fingering his prostate and then licks the cum off Michael’s stomach.


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Markie More breaks in Alex Tanner

Alex Tanner & Markie More (Next Door Casting)

Cute little ginger twink Alex Tanner gets reamed and creamed during a casting session with Markie More. Markie fucks his tight little ass and then busts a nut all over his face.


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Glenn services Braxton

Glenn & Braxton

It’s Braxton‘s first time with another guy. He’s a little nervous, but Glenn‘s luscious lips manage to coax a hot load out of his straight cock. Braxton rewards his efforts by cumming all over his face.


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Midnight cowboys — Johnny & Robbie

Robbie Rivers & Johnny Rapid

After letting Chris Bines nail his hot little bubble butt, Johnny Rapid feels the need to prove he can give as good as he gets. He decides to live a little dangerously by fucking Robbie Rivers on the railroad tracks. Watch them fuck at Drill My Hole.


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Paddy O’Brian fucks Dominic Pacifico

Paddy O'Brian fucks Dominic Pacifico

From Butch Dixon, Paddy O’Brian is a hustler hired to service Dominic Pacifico. Dominic sucks Paddy’s fat cock and licks his hot ass, then Paddy fucks his brains out and leaves Dominic’s scruffy face covered in splooge.


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Tucker takes a mouthful


Tucker, help a bisexual Jersey boy, viagra sits down on Dirty Tony‘s “casting couch” for an interview. Naturally this leads to a rub and tug and a blowjob, sales ending with Tucker gargling a mouthful of Tony’s cum…


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Rogan nails Fabian’s sweet little ass

Rogan fucks Fabian

Rogan — a ripped Australian hunk — fucks Fabian’s cute Latin ass on Dirty Tony‘s casting couch. Then he lets Fabian cum all over his handsome face. See the hardcore fuck pics and messy facial cum shot after the jump…


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Skyler has a new gym Buddy

Buddy Davis fucks Skyler Caine in the locker room

Skyler Caine, sildenafil the adorable power bottom, seduces straight hottie Buddy Davis in the locker room at the gym. After swapping blowjobs and riding Buddy’s hard cock, Skyler lets him cum on his smiling face…


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A snowball’s chance

After some glory hole action, ampoule Giuseppe Pardi gets gang banged by the Visconti Triplets

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22 load cum shot compilation

Every Dirty Tony ends with a messy cum shot. Usual on the face or directly into the mouth of some reluctant gay-for-pay cocksucker. Tony’s assembled the juiciest pop shots from the past year and put them all into one video…

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Kris Evans hits Skyler Caine’s sweet spot

Kris Evans brings Skyler Caine to the brink fucking his sweet ass!

Bel Ami Studios‘ latest It Boy, remedy Kris Evans, doctor is paired with cute Cocky Boy, Skyler Caine. After slobbering on each others cocks, Skyler makes the sweetest o-face you ever did see as Kris reams his tight little ass. Then he lets Kris cum on his face before he laps up the Eurostuds creamy load…

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About Kris Evans & Skyler Caine

It’s time for some more Love, European Style with our 2nd scene from the upcoming Bel Ami/Cockyboys DVD. We sent that hot piece of ass, Skyler Kaine overseas to be pillaged and used by Bel Ami heartthrob, Kris Evans. After a day of exploring the town, Kris takes Skyler back to his hotel so Skyler can explore his dick – which Skyler is MORE than happy to do. Almost immediately Skyler drops to his knees and hungrily gobbles up that uncut cock, taking the entire thing down to the hilt. Then Skyler decides to explore the backside and gives Kris a damn fine rimjob. After Skyler face fucks Kris for a bit he lays down on the sofa and lets Kris GO TO TOWN on his ass. He slams that American ass like there’s no tomorrow, fucking it missionary, then doggie style, and finally cowboy style. Skyler is still bobbing up and down riding Kris’s dick when he blows his load all over all over the place. Hungry for cum, Skyler lets Kris jerk off a huge load all over his face and into his mouth. Not quite satisfied, the scene ends with Skyler grabbing Kris’s dick and rubbing it all over his face and lips. Porn…it’s a global community. Check it. — Cocky Boys

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Hunter chugs Tony’s cum

Blowjob ends with a facial cum shot at Dirty Tony!

Hunter, for sale an 18-year-old cocksucker, sale gives Tony a blowjob and swallows most of his load. But, as you can see, Dirty Tony is a little more than Hunter can handle…

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Robert fucks Seth’s throat & ass

Seth deep throats Robert's cock at Dirty Tony!

Robert gives Seth a merciless throat and ass fucking, and forces the kid to swallow his cum, leaving his young face covered his creamy spunk…

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Cocksucker’s face coated with a creamy glaze

no images were found

John, the photographer, gets so worked up during his photo shoot with Trent Diesel he pops a boner. Trent is happy to relieve his throbbing meat stick. He takes John’s hard cock into his warm mouth and sucks it until John blows a load all over his face…

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The posts of Christmas past — 2009 edition

No sense letting good holiday porn go to waste, cure so I’m re-gifting some X-mas posts from years past. Here’s a round-up of Christmas themed wank material posted last year…

Check out the photo albums below. And Merry Christmas!

Naughty and Nice

Marcello is certainly a sketchy Santa thanks to his stocking fetish. There's hardly any room on his lap because of his huge cock. From <strong><a href="" target="_blank">With Marcello</a></strong>

Santa's Cummin'

Santa only cums once a year. And boy does he! All over this naughty elf's face and chest! From <strong><a href="" target="_blank">UK Naked Men</a></strong>

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Nelson Troy slam fucks Orlando Dawson

Troy Nelson fucks Orlando Dawson at Cocky Boys!

Nelson pile drives Orlando’s ass until Orlando blows a load into his own mouth! Click here to preview this hot fuck scene!

About Nelson Troy & Orlando Dawson

People have been going so crazy over Nelson Troy’s videos that we thought the only thing to do was to release another one. This time I partnered him up with that extremely talented bottom, site Orlando Dawson so Nelson’s cock could get a really good workout. They start off making out until Orlando (as expected) quickly goes for Nelson’s dick. He yanks Nelson’s jeans down and starts blowing Nelson as Nelson shoves Orlando’s head down further onto his cock. After an epic blow job Nelson says “I want your ass on my cock”. Orlando, viagra eager to please, hospital bends over right away. Nelson licks Orlando’s hole to get it wet and ready and then starts slamming his cock into him doggie style. Nelson gives it to him good as he tells Orlando to “back his ass up” and to “take my cock”. Then Orlando lays down on his back so Nelson can pile drive fuck him. Orlando, unable to take any more deep dicking, shoots a thick load right into his own mouth, coating his entire tongue in cum! Nelson shoots next, covering Orlando in his own sticky load. Check it.
Cocky Boys

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Braxton Bond is soaking in it

Gay porn star Braxton Bond gets fondled, finger fucked, and anally probed by John the cameraman. When he sees John’s raging hard-on, Braxton offers to take care of it for him, and John empties his balls all over Braxton’s face!

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Bel Ami quickie — Jason fucks Alex

Alex Orioli & Jason Knightley compare cocks

After Alex Orioli and Jason Knightley go for a skinny dip, view they head back to the bedroom for some afternoon delight. They take turns sucking cock. Then Alex bottoms for Jason, see ending their hot fuck by eating each others cum.

Click the pic to watch the quickie version of this sex scene. Or join Bel Ami Online to see the uncut video in high def.

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“There was a young man from Nantucket…”

James Jamesson demonstrates why stretching is the most important part of every workout. With enough stretching you might eventually become limber enough to give yourself a blowjob. Of course, view it helps if you already have a really big dick like James here.

James throws his feet over his head, thumb lifting his pretty little ass in the air, treat and starts licking and kissing the head of his fat prick until he blows a load all over his face.

This reminds me of that dirty old limerick…

“There was a young man from Nantucket
Whose dick was so big he could suck it.
And he said with a grin
As he wiped off his chin,
‘If my ear were a cunt butt, I would fuck it.'”

Enjoy this teaser video, or join Next Door Male to see the money shot.

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