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Elijah Alexander does Scotty Marx

Randy Blue -- Elijah Alexander fucks Scott Marx

And now it’s time for Elijah Alexander to take it to the next level. First Scotty Marx got him all hot and bothered for a simultaneous jack off session. But now he’s ready to make first contact with another guy. Scotty inhales Elijah’s cock. Then he gives Elijah his first piece of man ass.


Elijah Alexander is a str8 shooter

Randy Blue -- Elijah Alexander

Here’s a little something to fuel your homoerotic X-Men fantasies. Randy Blue’s just discovered the ginger James McAvoy. I’m not the only one who sees the resemblance, am I? Elijah Alexander debuts in his first j/o scene alongside Scotty Marx. Now if they could just find a Michael Fassbender doppelgänger we could finally get the Professor X vs. Magneto fuck scene that Tumblr has been waiting for.