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Wild Weekend — Paul does Dustin

Dustin Holloway & Paul Canon (Falcon Studios)

Dustin Holloway and Paul Canon have been making eyes at each other all weekend, but so far they haven’t acted on it. As they strip down to their white briefs and step into the hot tub, they trade a knowing glance. Their feet touch at the bottom of the spa, and their cocks swell in their wet briefs. Paul, with his dirty-blond hair slicked back, leans in and locks lips with dark-haired Dustin. Pulling down Paul’s briefs, Dustin unleashes Paul’s rock-hard cock and deepthroats the entire shaft. Relaxing into the depths of the hot tub, Paul enjoys an underwater blowjob as Dustin relentlessly services Paul’s throbbing meat. Dustin, emerging from the water, spreads his ass for a thorough rimming. Rising up, Paul rubs his cock in the groove of Dustin’s perfect ass, and Dustin is eager to take things to the next level. Exiting the tub, Paul lies down on an outdoor lounge chair and Dustin straddles him. Lowering himself down, Dustin sits on Paul’s cock and goes for a wild ride. Paul’s huge balls, hanging low in the summer heat, rise and fall as his body throbs with sexual excitement. Flipping to missionary position, Paul grabs Dustin’s cock while simultaneously fucking his hole, and the sensation brings Dustin to climax, drenching his stomach in puddles of semen. Paul then fires off rope after rope of cum, shooting all the way up to Dustin’s shoulders in a spectacular orgasm. — Falcon Studios


Brett breaks in bi-curious Dustin

Musclebound Brett Swanson introduces Straight boy Dustin Holloway to Gay Sex

For a (supposedly) straight boy, Dustin Holloway sure seems awfully excited to be trying out all that gay stuff with Brett Swanson. Watch Brett break in a newbie at Randy Blue.


Dustin’s so excited he could bust

Cute hunk Dustin Holloway rubs one out.

Dustin Holloway‘s just a regular Joe who’s ready to make his first porno. He’s a little nervous, but he gets so into it that he accidentally makes himself cum right in the middle of the scene. But no worries. He’s so turned on by the experience that he has no trouble rubbing out another load.