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Duncan does his buddy Brandon

Duncan & Brandon: Bareback (Sean Cody)

Duncan is back to bottom for Brandon! They’ve filmed together before, but in a hot threesome, so a one-on-one scene was filled with high hopes for this sexy duo… and they definitely delivered! Watching these two hotties play around the pool and get wet in those briefs was such a treat. Naturally, the sex was an even tastier treat! Brandon really gave Duncan a good pounding… what else do you offer an old friend? — Sean Cody


Rowan creampies Duncan

Rowan & Duncan: Bareback (Sean Cody)

Duncan bottoms for his mancrush Rowan. After deep throating each other, patient Rowan fucks Duncan’s butt and cums in, on and around his pretty ass.


Duncan & Ryan flip for each other

Sean Cody -- Duncan & Ryan: Bareback

Duncan and Ryan really hit it off at the gym. Duncan does squats — right on Ryan’s smiling face. Ryan also treats Duncan to a slurpy, mouthwatering blowjob before they move to the living room when they take turns fucking each other.


Brandon, Peter & Duncan threesome

Sean Cody -- Brandon, Peter & Duncan: Bareback

Three buddies, Brandon, Peter and Duncan, have a bareback threeway.