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Gonna have to face it, you’re ‘Addicted to Ass’

Drake Rock presents 30 minutes of hard and softcore ass worship — with lots of flexing and posing and rimming and probing. This raunchy compilation video features 67 of the hottest bubble butts to have ever appeared on the site. It includes some personal faves such as Marcus Patrick, Matthew Rush, Cort Donovan, TJ Cummings, Tory Mason and Bryan Hawn


Lex Armstrong laughing all the way

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Australian stud Lex Armstrong rubs one out and tastes his own load…

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On Bryan Hawn’s good side

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He was track and field runner in the Junior Olympics, and it gave Bryan Hawn the perfect bubble butt. Unfortunately, his mainstream modeling aspirations trumped a career in porn. But those fashion and fitness photogs clearly know a good thing when they see it.

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Ben Viper pets his python

Model Ben Viper in shower working up a lather. Mmm… Look at the size of that big soapy cock. Even when it’s only semi-hard it’s impressive.