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Zane Porter fucks Dominic Santos

Zane Porter & Dominic Santos (Randy Blue)

Pretty white boy Zane Porter has a taste for dark meat. When he goes down on self-sucker Dominic Santos, physician Dominic leans over and helps Zane suck his cock. Zane fucks Dominic until he pumps a hot load out of him. There’s a bonus blowjob and cum eating in the behind the scenes footage.


Randy Blue goes bareback

Jordan Levine & Dominic Santos (Randy Blue)

Dominic Santos proves there’s some truth to the old axiom “The best way to get over somebody is to get under somebody” by having raw rebound sex with his roommate Jordan Levine. And, in a first for Randy Blue, Dominic gets creampied while fucking condom-free.


Dominic sucks & fucks Preston

Preston Cole & Dominic Santos (Randy Blue)

Preston Cole gets sucked and fucked simultaneously during his hot hookup with horsehung self-sucker Dominic Santos.


Dominic Santos drills Killian James

Dominic Santos & Killian James (Randy Blue)

When Killian James and Dominic Santos show up for the porn shoot, viagra sale they both want to bottom. But Killian is so thirsty for Dominic’s big dick, he puts his oral skills to work to make Dominic rock hard so he’ll have no choice but to be the top. Dominic fucks Killian to orgasm and feeds him his own jizz. Then they share a sloppy cum kiss.


Jimmy does Dominic, the self-sucker

Jimmy Fanz fucks Dominic Santos (Randy Blue)

Jimmy Fanz gets the best of both when he bottoms for Dominic Santos. See, purchase Dominic is so flexible, physician he can suck his own cock. Which means he can show Jimmy how he likes it while Jimmy’s giving him head. Dominic can also lean over and give Jimmy a blowjob while he’s fucking him. Good times!


Dominic Santos does Andres Moreno

Andres Moreno & Dominic Santos fuck

Andres Moreno is about to learn that one of the perks of bottoming for a self-sucker is that the self-sucker can give you a blowjob while he’s fucking you. This is what happens when Andres does Dominic Santos.


Dominic Santos — Self-Sucker

Dominic Santos

Dominic Santos demonstrates his many hidden talents in his first solo scene. He’s extremely flexible. Like, really, really flexible. He can do the splits. He can bounce his juicy, black booty. And — oh yeah — he can suck his own dick. He can lean over and lick and suck his big, fat cock while fingering his ass. It’s a suck and fuck solo scene that ends with Dominic swallowing his own cum.