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Too… much… cock!

Bravo Delta & Dillon Rossi

Bravo Delta gives Dillon Rossi more cock than he can handle when they hookup after a wild weekend.


The Haunting — Dillon, Jake & Arnaud

The Haunting

During a Halloween drive through the country, Jake Steel and Dillon Rossi stop to fool around in a cemetery. “I might give you a blowjob, but not ‘do it,'” Jake says. “That would be creepy.” They go down on each other behind a mausoleum — with Dillon swallowing Jake’s load. But they awaken the restless spirit of “creepy but hot” Arnaud Chagall, a very friendly ghost who follows them back to their Amityville Horror-style country house for a phantasmagorical threeway. Nice homage to The Shining in the opening minutes.