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RIP Xander Scott

Late gay porn star Xander Scott (Randy Blue)

Some horrible news. Xander Scott, formerly a Randy Blue fan favorite, died of an apparent drug overdose last month in Arizona. His death was confirmed via his Facebook page. A memorial service was held on Valentine’s Day. His last RB appearance was in June 2010.


RIP Erik Rhodes (1982 – 2012)

Erik Rhodes

According to the Falcon Studios blog, Erik Rhodes died of a heart attack in his sleep this morning at 5:30 AM. He was only 30-years old.

Falcon’s official statement:

It is with utmost sadness that we make the announcement of Erik Rhodes’ passing. We offer our condolences to Erik’s family, friends and loved ones. He was a genuine and caring man with extraordinary attractiveness and a massive muscled frame. Erik was an equally beautiful human being who lit up a room, and brought fun and joy to our studio and his fans that was unparalleled. He was a giving person with a special wit, and he put his all into every performance. He wanted to give his fans the best he could every single time he stepped in front of the camera. Rest in peace, Erik and know that we are celebrating your life and your achievements, but we will miss you and all the special moments you have given us forever.


Porn legend Joey Stefano

Joey Stefano


RIP — Jack Wrangler


Jack Wrangler , view a veteran of both gay and straight adult films, mind died last night at the age 62 from complications of lung disease. Wrangler: Anatomy of an Icon, a documentary that chronicled his colorful, one-of-a-kind lifestory, recently won a GayVN Award. Wrangler grew up in Beverly Hills, the son of a dancer and a TV producer. After a brief career as a child star, he unexpectedly graduated to the world of adult entertainment where his ruggedly handsome looks and cowboy-like persona turned him into an instant gay porn superstar.

UPDATE: This isn’t your typical porn star death. His passing is getting some attention from the mainstream press. Not just the usual suspects, but the Associated Press.

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Hard math — 1 dead gay = 8 months in jail

medicine gay-bashing convicted killer” href=””>Stephen Moller mug shot, <a href=capsule gay-bashing convicted killer” width=”240″ height=”202″ />

UPDATE: Stephen Moller’s parole has been denied.

Dan White served a notoriously light 5-year sentence for the premeditated murder of Harvey Milk and Mayor George Moscone. He offed himself 23 years ago — less than two years after being set free. But his despicable legacy lives on. The reviled “Twinkie defense” that White’s defense team successfully exploited has morphed into the equally effective and doubly reprehensible “gay panic” defense.

American juries are literally letting gay bashers get away with murder.

But in a socially conservative state like South Carolina a Twinkie defense isn’t even necessary. Consider the absurdly lenient sentence handed to Stephen Moller for killing Sean Kennedy, an openly gay man, outside a bar in 2007. Moller was convicted of involuntary manslaughter last June and given a three year suspended sentence and three years probation. The judge gave him credit for time spent in jail prior to the conviction — which means he could be on the streets again as early as next month having only spent 8 months in prison since his conviction.

South Carolina Equality, a gay rights organization, noted that a person could get a harsher punishment for mistreating an animal.

Cockfighting is punishable with sentences ranging from one to three years and/or a $1,000 fine.

And once again we see that our legal system treats chickens better than gay people.

Moller was initially brought up on murder charges, but a grand jury determined that he acted without “malicious intent” and reduced the charge to involuntary manslaughter.

Moller punched Sean Kennedy in the face, causing him to fall and smash his head on the pavement. After fleeing the scene like a limp-dicked coward, Moller sent this voice mail to one of Kennedy’s friends…

“Hey, I was just wondering how your boyfriend’s feeling right about now. [laughter] … The fucking faggot. … Yeah boy, your boy is knocked out, man. The motherfucker. Tell him he owes me $500 for breaking my goddamn hand on his teeth, that fucking bitch.”

Does that sound like a man who was acting without malicious intent?

Anti-gay animus was clearly a factor in Moller’s brutal assault, but Elke Kennedy, Sean’s mother, thinks investigators didn’t take the issue seriously. All signs point to her assessment being correct. Miller Shealy, a South Carolina attorney who was questioned about the case, even admitted prosecutors often conceal a victim’s homosexuality for fear of alienating jurors…

“Sometimes as a prosecutor, I’d just rather that information stay out… It might put my victim in a bad light [for jurors who are opposed to homosexuality] and I don’t want anything to invite bias.”

Get that? If the jury knows the victim is gay, they might take the killer’s side!

This bullshit has to stop right now. But that’s not going to happen unless we start making some noise about it. Yes, even us porn bloggers and porn surfers. Queerty has more info about an action item aimed at stopping the bigoted thug Stephen Moller from getting an early parole.


R.I.P. — Paul Newman

We cannot display this galleryPaul Newman, the legendary film star and philanthropist, died of cancer at his home in Westport, CT at the age of 83 surrounded by friends, family and his wife of 50 years, actress Joanne Woodward.

Newman’s acting career spanned six decades and three mediums — including stage, film, and television. He made his Broadway debut in 1953 in William Inge’s “Picnic” and soon after launched a movie career as the consummate anti-hero in classics like Cool Hand Luke, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, and Hud. His chiseled features, piercing blue eyes, and charismatic bad boy persona made him an iconic sex symbol and solid box office draw.

A 10-time Oscar nominee, Newman earned his first Best Actor nomination as Elizabeth Taylor’s ambiguously gay husband in Tennessee WilliamsCat on a Hot Tin Roof. In real life, Newman and Woodward were outspoken supporters of gay rights even before being gay friendly was fashionable — or even acceptable — in Hollywood.

Newman would eventually win the Academy Award for reprising the role of Fast Eddie Felson in Martin Scorsese‘s The Color of Money, a sequel to another classic The Hustler. He earned two additional honorary Oscars, including a Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award — thanks in part to his infamous salad dressing. To date, Newman’s Own — the non-profit food company that he founded on a lark — has donated over $250 million — mainly to children’s charities.

More recently, Newman won an Emmy for his supporting role in the 2005 miniseries “Empire Falls.” Previously he had earned both an Emmy nod and a Tony nomination as the Stage Manager in a made-for-TV remake and Broadway revival of “Our Town.”

As a lifelong liberal activist, one of Newman’s proudest achievements was his inclusion on Richard Nixon’s enemies list for his support of “radic-lib causes.” Newman occupied the 19th slot on Charles Colson‘s original list of 20 political opponents.

In Memoriam — Paul Newman: 1925 – 2008

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R.I.P. — Cole Ryder

Another sad porn star death to report. Cole Ryder, malady the 36-year-old former Rascal Video exclusive, cialis passed away yesterday morning. According to an early, search now retracted post on Gay Porn Blog he died of a staph infection. The actual cause of death remains undisclosed pending an autopsy. His passing was cryptically noted on his MySpace page with the message: “Cole Ryder has left the building. Thank you all for your love and support.” Ryder signed with Rascal Video in 2006 and remained an exclusive until late 2007. His last project was Cruisin’ Grounds from Mustang Studios.

H/T: Breaking: Cole Ryder Dead


R.I.H. — Jesse Helms

Homophobic, treatment racist Republican Jesse Helms was buried today. The five-term North Carolina senator — whose entire career was devoted to oppressing women and minorities — did the nation a huge favor by dying on the Fourth of July.

Among his many bigoted atrocities, case Sen. Helms opposed funding for AIDS research, including the Ryan White CARE Act. According to Helms: “There is not one single case of AIDS in this country that cannot be traced in origin to sodomy.” Ryan White, an Indiana teen who suffered from hemophilia, died of AIDS at the age of 18 after contracting HIV from a contaminated blood treatment.

Few people in government relished needless cruelty as much as Sen. Helms, so a little grave dancing is warranted. What better way to celebrate the death of such a petty, vindictive asshole than by remembering the day ACT UP put a giant condom on his house?

By the way, R.I.H. = Rot In Hell.

H/T: Remembering Activism: Jesse Helms (Home) Wears a Condom


R.I.P. — ’90s porn star Mark West

Mark West - Roll in the HayChi Chi LaRue discovery Mark West died of an accidental drowning earlier this month (May 1, viagra ’08) while on vacation with his partner in Hawaii.

West — a construction worker turned gay porn actor — was active in the adult industry between 1992 and 1996, ambulance appearing in such popular titles as Jawbreaker, pills Saddle Tramps, and Roll in the Hay.

West (real name Gene Ward) drowned while snorkeling off the coast of Makena State Beach in Maui. No lifeguards were present at the time of his drowning.

Earlier this year another vacationer drowned at Makena State Park, sparking a controversy over a lack of lifeguard services at the beach. The state legislature approved funding for lifeguard services in mid-2007, however, lifeguards won’t be posted at the beach until August or September of this year.

West’s death revived the controversy, leading critics to once again complain about the government’s slow response to the problem.

H/T: Mark West Passes Away, Remembering Mark West