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A hot naked guy playing Spider-Man — Dario Dolce edition

Dario Dolce

Much like Spider-Man, young Bel Ami stud Dario Dolce is no stranger to the skintight unitard. He developed his chiseled, made-to-fuck body on a wrestling team. Though we’re pretty sure that Dario’s stint as a wrestler didn’t end in tragedy.

Here’s Dario in the classic Spidey crouch — and with dangling junk! Also, some shots of Dario hanging from the ceiling. (Well, not really, but let’s pretend.) See, that’s what makes Spider-Man so fuckable. In addition to being incredibly limber and having his own gimp suit, he can stick to a wall or hang upside-down by his feet. Just think of the possibilities…

More naked Dario after the jump…


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