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Cheat the Cheater — Dante does Ethan

Dante Martin & Ethan Slade (Next Door Studios)

When Dante Martin discovers that boyfriend Ethan Slade has been cheating on him, he quickly realizes he has one of two options. He can either end it all immediately, or he can try to fix the problem between them. Dante settles for option 2, and figures the main reason Ethan is stepping out is because he’s not satisfied with their sex life. So creeping his way back to bed, he begins to kiss on Ethan’s neck, waking him up as his cock begins to poke Ethan in the back. Ethan stirs awake and rolls over, as Dante works his way down to Ethan’s cock, taking it into his mouth and sucking him off. Ethan closes his eyes and enjoys the morning BJ before Dante swings his leg over Ethan and they begin to 69. Now fully hard, Dante wags his dick in the air and Ethan mounts it, riding Dante reverse and grinding his ass against Dante’s cock. Dante fucks him like that for a while before flipping him over and continuing to give Ethan some of his rock hard dick, but when Dante tells Ethan to switch it up, Ethan is confused. ‘You never let me fuck you,’ Ethan says, but with a look, Dante lets him know today is different, so eagerly, Ethan plunges his cock deep inside Dante, pounding him missionary as Dante strokes himself dry, spitting his massive load all over himself as Ethan pulls out and blasts him with his morning load. Falling back into bed as Ethan goes to shower up, Dante wonders if his efforts are enough to save his relationship. Only time will tell… — Next Door Studios


My Sister’s Boyfriend: Magic Rub

Dante Martin & Max Penn in My Sister's Boyfriend: Magic Rub. (Next Door Raw)

Max Penn is a hot little slut who seduces his sister’s boyfriend Dante Martin during a dirty massage. See the rest of their hardcore encounter after the jump…


“The Bigger, the Better”

Dylan Knight & Dante Martin (Cheating Faith)

Dylan Knight gets some oral and anal from Dante Martin through a glory hole in a confessional in Cheating Faith: The Bigger, The Better.


“The Virgin Mark”

Dante Martin,   Gabriel Cross, Markie More & Arad (Cheating Faith)

When Arad the janitor discovers Father Gabriel‘s scheme, Dante Martin, Markie More and the randy priest buy his silence by giving him sex in Cheating Faith: The Virgin Mark.


“How Does It Feel?”

Dante Martin & Johnny Torque (Cheating Faith)

Feeling so wrong never felt so right when Johnny Torque gets a glory hole blowjob from Dante Martin in a confessional during this hardcore scene from Cheating Faith: How Does It Feel?


Head to Head — Dante & Addison

Addison Graham lubes Dante Martin‘s cute butt by eating him out and finger fucking him. Once his hole is nice and slick, Addison slips his big dick up Dante’s tight ass.