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Daniel tops Phillip

Phillip & Daniel: Bareback (Sean Cody)

Daniel and Philip were very touchy-feely from the get-go, and very eager to get this thing started. When we asked Philip if he did any research on Daniel, he revealed that he jerked off to his videos. This undoubtedly made Daniel even hornier than he already was to fuck this newbie. “I think that I’m gonna get fucked very well today.” Daniel replied, “Of course I’m gonna fuck you well, man!” Philip continued, “Well, I didn’t come all the way down here to get mediocrely fucked…” That comment prompted Daniel give Philip the pounding of his life…and man, did he ever!” — Sean Cody

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Shaw & Daniel really hit it off

Shaw & Daniel: Bareback (Sean Cody)

A bouncing ball and sweaty shirtless men? Count me in! Clearly, Shaw and Daniel hit it off right from the get-go. Playing basketball was a great way to start the day, seeing as how sweat and bouncing balls is all they needed to get them all horned up! With Daniel saying “You want some of this?” and Shaw responding eagerly “Yeah, let’s fucking do this!”, we knew this was going to be a hot fuck session. Daniel’s wild side is exactly what Shaw needed to let loose and enjoy the ride… I think it’s safe to say that both Shaw and Daniel were left wanting more while being surrounded by so much cum! — Sean Cody


Daniel & Manny do it dirty

Manny & Daniel: Bareback (Sean Cody)

Manny has only been with us for a few months, but has quickly become a fan favorite climbing up the Sean Cody ladder and riding some of our most popular models to get to highest rung! That’s where Daniel comes in. He’s ready to give Manny exactly what he wants and craves… a dirty fuck! Manny was very excited to get started, especially because he knows that Daniel is a wild one, “I’m going to be used the way I want to!” He wanted to cater to Daniel’s wild side, so he blindfolded himself and went on all fours with his ass up in the air, waiting for Daniel to come in and ravage him. Of course, Daniel was ecstatic to find out he could do whatever he wanted to Manny. Daniel never disappoints, and being paired with willing bottom Manny, this is surely going to satisfy! — Sean Cody


Sean’s ass gets pouned by Daniel

Daniel & Sean: Bareback (Sean Cody)

Watching Daniel and Sean hanging out and getting to know each other, it almost seems like they have been best friends their entire lives. These two hit it off from the second they met and the rest was history.

“There is just something I really like about Daniel.” Sean admitted. “He’s always making me laugh and just puts a smile on my face.”

For these guys we knew from the moment we hit record on the cameras that there was no way we were going to be able to contain them, so we basically let them call the shots. The result is just watching Daniel and Sean have a great time on and off the set.

Daniel brought his rough and aggressive fucking and Sean was a champ and took everything Daniel threw at him. — Sean Cody


Blake bottoms bareback for Daniel

Daniel & Blake: Bareback (Sean Cody)

It took some convincing but we were able to drag Daniel outside for some good old fashion fooling around on the beach.

“Why are you nervous?” I asked.

“Cause there are people! Lots and lots of people!” He nervously laughed.

Without missing a beat, Blake came up with the best way to calm him down. Blow him. Right in the middle of the beach. These two spent the afternoon running around naked and making out in the waves and getting to know each other. Daniel would run up to Blake every now and then and slap his ass, or give him a big kiss on the cheek.

“I heard he has a reputation of being pretty raunchy on set. I’m pretty excited to see what happens.” Clearly, Blake was up for the challenge. — Sean Cody


Daddy Daniel does Ollie

Ollie & Daniel: Bareback (Sean Cody)

Daddy Daniel, search the crazy hot fucker with salt and pepper hair, site returns. And he’s going to tear Ollie’s big, juicy ass apart. When Daniel did Brandon they fucked so hard there was cum on the walls. But this time he makes Ollie cum so hard he gets semen all over the cameraman.


Daniel fucks Forrest’s ass

Forrest & Daniel: Bareback (Sean Cody)

Daniel is one of those insanely hot fuckers who sort of loses his mind when he’s having sex. (If you’re lucky you know the type.) Things got so wild when he fucked Brandon by the end there was cum on the walls. This time around he’s paired with Forrest, sick who’s in for a rough ride. He’ll probably walk a little funny for the next couple of days, medical but it’ll totally be worth it.


Brandon does Daniel

Brandon & Daniel: Bareback (Sean Cody)

When Sean Cody paired Brandon, the bubble-butted boy-toy, with Daniel, a bone-hard power bottom, the result was one of the most explosive fuck scenes ever. In the end they both cum so hard the walls are spattered with semen.


Deceptively DILFy Daniel

Sean Cody -- Daniel

The first time I saw Daniel I thought, illness “Whoa! Now that is one exceptionally DILFy daddy.” But don’t let his salt-and-pepper hair fool you. He’s actually not an exceptionally DILF. He is, salve however, an exceptionally fit 26-year-old sex maniac who’s going prematurely grey. Like Anderson Cooper. Check out his chiseled naked body after the jump…


Cameron drives Daniel wild

Sean Cody -- Cameron & Daniel: Bareback

Cameron towers over Daniel like a Greek god and overpowers the diminutive stud with his sex appeal. Cameron drives him wild, and Daniel leaves the strapping stud covered in scratches.