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Reunited — Markie does Dakota

Markie More & Dakota Young (Next Door Studios)

Markie More is particularly excited about this scene, and has had it on his calendar for a while now. Ever since he saw Dakota Young make his debut a short time ago, he’s been locked and loaded to have his way with the newbie. Markie’s reputation precedes him, so Dakota knows he’s in for a wild time, and he specifically asks Markie to go rough on him, telling him he wants to be manhandled. Markie, already eye-balling Dakota’s sweet little ass, has no problem obliging him in the request, as he throws him on the bed and does whatever he wants. Dakota sucks Markie off and then takes every inch of Markie’s hard cock, wrapping his arms around Markie and pulling him in closer, begging him to fuck harder before taking Markie’s load all over his face. With his chin dripping cum, Dakota thanks Markie for the attention, vowing to do it again as soon as they can. — Next Door Studios


Dalton pumps Dakota full of cum

Dakota Young & Dalton Riley (Next Door Studios)

He has the innocent look of your typical boy next door, but Dakota Young is an insatiable power bottom in the making. During his aggressive seduction of Dalton Riley, he sneaks into his bedroom and presents his smooth, young ass. Dakota doesn’t just want his cock, he wants his load. He’s only satisfied after he gets Dalton to cum inside his ass.