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Curtis needs a quick dick fix

Arnie & Curtis: Bareback (Sean Cody)

Curtis took some time off, but now he’s back for some cock. And he’s going to demostrate his world famous deepthroat skills on Arnie before bending over for a butt fuck.


Robert rides Curtis hard

Robert & Curtis: Bareback (Sean Cody)

Robert is back! We were really excited to see him again because after his solo not too long ago, he hinted at the possibility of coming back, and here he is… this time for some ass! Curtis was generous enough to offer up his. It was hot to see these two studs have fun outside and take their shirts off to show off their bodies.

We noticed Robert eyeing Curtis’s rock-hard abs. “Oh! Washboard abs!”

You could tell he wanted to just take him back inside and fuck him. He went straight to town on Curtis’s hole and did a really good job for a first-timer!

We had to ask, “So how was it? It looks like it was a life-changing experience for you.”

Robert replied in his sexy southern accent with a grin from ear to ear, “It’s a new day, I’m a new man!” — Sean Cody


Some communal cock sucking

Curtis, Sean & Blake (Sean Cody)

Curtis, Sean and Blake just finished fucking each other in a jizz drenched threesome. So they hit the communal showers to wash away all the sweat and cum. Sean’s got enough meat to give anyone a craving, so Curtis and Blake end up sharing it. After some hot and wet oral action, they’re ready for round two.


Teddy piledrives Curtis

Teddy & Curtis: Bareback (Sean Cody)

Watch that hot little power bottom Curtis take a piledriving butt slam from hunky jock Teddy.


Sean Cody Four-way Pt. 2

Dusty, Curtis, Perry & Joey: Bareback (Sean Cody)

Dusty, Joey, Curtis and Perry enjoy a cum-drenched butt-banging blowout in the second half of their climactic fourgy.


Sean Cody Four-way Part 1

Dusty, Joey, Curtis & Perry - Four-way Part 1 (Sean Cody)

What happens when you bring four horny versatile hunks for a rousing round of group sex? Every orifice gets crammed with cock, naturally. Dusty, Joey, Curtis and Perry are the friendliest foursome since the three musketeers let d’Artagnan tag along for the ride.


Curtis drills Tate’s tight hole

Curtis & Tate: Bareback (Sean Cody)

So Curtis and Tate have a slight problem. These two horny country boys are both bottoms. Tate in particular likes it because he cums so hard when there’s a dick up his ass. And Curtis is a “slam pig” because, hey, it just feels good. But since Curtis just filmed a bottoming scene he gets to be the top. Problem solved. Curtis slowly sinks his thick dick into Tate’s tight bubble butt and fucks the cum out of him. Then after he jizzes all over Tate, Curtis licks up his own creamy cum. For round two, Curtis lets Tate ride his dick and fucks him to a second orgasm.