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Jamie Durrell drenches Bobby Noiret after they fuck

Bobby Noiret & Jamie Durrell (

Life is full of small dramas for Jamie Durrell and Bobby Noiret today: Bobby thinks Jamie is just using him for his dick and doesn’t have the same feelings that he does. Knowing Jamie we also suspect that may be true, but also don’t see why Bobby would have a problem with it.

It doesn’t take Bobby long to come to the same conclusion and suggest that they go back to his place for a quick roll in the hay. As it turns out, Bobby was wrong: Jamie is not just using him for his cock, but for his ass! The sex between these 2 is passionate and energetic so we hope you enjoy their show today. — Watch the hardcore preview @

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Beach Brother Bingo — Dakota Payne does Andy Taylor

Dakota Payne & Andy Taylor in Beach Brother Bingo (Next Door Taboo)

Step brothers Andy Taylor & Dakota Payne return home all horny after a fun day at the beach. Watch and see what happens next in the bedroom. Enjoy! — Watch the hardcore preview @ Next Door Taboo

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Nate Donaghy leaves Allan Aimée completely drenched

Allan Aimee & Nate Donaghy (

Since we concluded Allan Aimée’s Freshmen introduction in July, we felt it time to bring him back for his next scene. We decided to pair him with one of our wild boys, Nate Donaghy. This scene was filmed last winter during one of Prague’s coldest days.

So, the scenes start of Allan waiting outside on a park bench was a little rough. Nate sets out to make his frigid friend as warm as possible, taking off his clothes so that he may apply some body heat. After unwrapping his “present” Nate decides that Allan’s dick and ass need special attention.

Those who like their blowjobs sloppy and wet will particularly enjoy Allan’s slobbering with delight as he tries to take as much of Nate’s dick into his mouth as he can. Nate supplies some spit of his own to Alan’s hole — lubricant for a smoother fuck.

Nate’s devotion to giving his buddy a steady pounding is met with Allan’s in-time stroking of his cock until he finally shoots all over himself. Nate manages to outdo all of this with a massive cumshot — drenching is buddy’s face with spurt after spurt. — Watch the hardcore preview @

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Now it’s Bruce Querelle’s turn to fuck Yannis Paluan’s butt

Yannis Paluan & Bruce Querelle (

Part two starts the morning after their initial hookup. Yannis Paluan decides to surprise Bruce Querelle with a hearty breakfast. It’s Bruce’s turn to be impatient as he’d prefer another round of lovemaking.

We certainly can’t blame him as Yannis’ beautiful ass is much more appetizing than eggs. Though Yannis was denied his eggs, Bruce provided Yannis with a copious amount of an alternative protein source which Yannis greedily lapped up at the end of their lovemaking. — Watch the hardcore preview @

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Derek Caravaggio gets railed by Bruce Querelle

Bruce Querelle & Derek Caravaggio (

To quote the great philosopher Ray Davies, “It’s a mixed up, muddled up, shook up world” and this is true especially in the porn business. For instance, would you ever expect someone to leave the French Foreign Legion and immediately start on a porn career? That’s the “mixed-up” path Bruce Querelle took in arriving at Bel Ami.

We were a little “shook up” when Derek Caravaggio expressed an interest in following Bruce’s path in reverse- going from porn to the Legion. Our concerns were abated when we found that Derek wasn’t interested in the job’s risks and perils but in the sex life of the guys in the legion. After all, the cutest boys and the hottest sex is at BelAmi and Freshmen, right?

Then our fears were “muddled up” when Bruce became the ultimate “recruiter”. Soon this Army of One deployed strategic sucking followed by relentless rimming that left Derek craving Bruce’s “assault” with a friendly weapon. After the soldierly shagging received, we’re half expecting Derek to be on a train to Paris tomorrow along with a battalion of sexually satisfied hotties “recruited” by Bruce. — Watch the hardcore preview @

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Jens Christensen joins Jerome Exupery & Niall Morris

Jerome Exupery, Niall Morris & Jens Christensen (Bel Ami Online)

Jerome Exupery and Niall Morris are joined by Jens Christensen for part 2 of our double day update this week as our resident ‘eager beaver’, so we move from double blond, to triple blond.

Apprarently Jens and Niall have been planning a 3some for quite some time, and a quick phone call from Niall is all it takes to convince Jens to drop what he’s doing and come around and join in the fun.

Both Jens and Niall get there turns at bottoming here with Jens taking on Jerome, and Niall bravely getting penetrated by Jens’ thick dick.

All 3 guys here are very nicely matched physically and also in their enjoyment of sex so we hope you enjoy watching the scene as much as we did making it. — Watch the hardcore preview @ Bel Ami Online

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Blond Bonanza — Morning sex with Torsten Ullman & Jerome Exupery

Torsten Ullman & Jerome Exupery (Bel Ami Online)

While it may seem that we have a lot of Jerome Exupery recently, he hasn’t actually been in a scene since his mid-February outing with Evan Ramsay. Today we have him back with Torsten Ullman in this all blond bonanza.

We start off in the shower and bath where Jerome endulges his foot fetish a little before moving onto the main action in the bedroom. While we see Jerome more often as a top training the newbies, this scne shows us that he really enjoys getting fucked as well. — Watch the hardcore preview @ Bel Ami Online

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Social Distancing: Hottest Celebrity Masturbation Videos!

“We’re learning social distancing from the pros this week with the hottest celebrity self-loving scenes in Hollywood history! Rub one out to Robert Pattinson in The Lighthouse, Ian Somerhalder in The Rules of Attraction, Artem Shcherbakov in Sun in my Mouth, Paul Dawson in Shortbus, and Diego Luna and Gael Garcia Bernal in Y Tu Mama Tambien! Stay safe while you ‘bate.” — Mr. Man



Joaquin Arrenas has to shower after Joel Birkin gives him a cum bath

Joel Birkin & Joaquin Arrenas (Bel Ami Online)

We all know that some guys are a little bit picky when it comes to choosing sexual partner, but I think Joel Birkin is taking it to extremes.

Jack Harrer is too busy, Ian Roebuck is too hairy, Bobby Noiret‘s hair is a mess, Christopher Caan is too pale… luckily he stumbles upon one guy who is acceptable, lucky Joaquin Arrenas.

Many times Joel finds that he has to be careful when wielding his huge dick as not all the guys can take it all,
but as soon as Joaquin takes control of how much of he gets, all 10 inches slide on home without a problem.

If his enjoyemnt is proven by the cumshot, then this fuck is a definite 10 for Joaquin as he literally sprays his whole body with cum as Joel continues to slide in and out.

When Joel finally shoots his own load, Joaquin’s cum bath is complete and Joel is reassured that he made the right choice for a partner today. — Watch the hardcore preview @ Bel Ami Online

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Jeb fucks Manny over a glass table

Jeb & Manny: Bareback (Sean Cody)

Manny wants to know what gets handsome all-American hottie Jeb hot and bothered. “Lots of foreplay, passion, feeling… Kissing’s good, neck-biting, sinking teeth in,” Jeb lists, before asking what gets Manny all riled up: “Uh… dick!” the bottom replies. Luckily for Manny, Jeb’s got plenty of that, and he treats him to a nice deep doggystyle fuck before Manny rides his big cock till he cums, then takes Jeb’s massive load in his mouth. — Watch the hardcore preview @ Sean Cody

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Déjà Vu: Editor’s Cut — Leo Domenico does Adam Wirthmore

Adam Wirthmore & Leo Domenico (Men At Play)

Adam Wirthmore calls in employee Leo Domenico for a meeting to discuss his failing sales targets, but things take an unexpected turn in Leo’s favor when he recognizes Adam’s distinctive ring and immediately he gets a flashback of that very same ring worn by a stranger in a sex club.

Was it was really his boss servicing his dick through the glory hole the previous weekend? Leo remembers it was an awesome blow job, so he digs deeper to find out the truth and once he has the proof he needs he blackmails his boss into letting him fuck him right there in his own office or he’ll tell the whole office about Mr. Wirthmore’s after-hours activities.

And just like that, Leo has Adam right where he wants him – and that’s on his knees, swallowing his thick uncut meat. But Leo has much more in store for his stern boss – turning him into his very own sub boy, pounding his ass hard and rough until he gives Adam an amazing facial. — Watch the hardcore preview @ Men At Play


Jambo Africa — Brian Jovovich & Raf Koons are makin’ whoopee

Brian Jovovick & Raf Koons (Bel Ami Online)

Although this scene is definitely from our Africa productions it doesn’t mark the start of the new Jambo Africa. For one week a month we will be bringing you some special 2 day scenes on Thursday and Saturday, and the Tuesday of the same week will be ‘Africa Flashbacks’ which are scenes from our last Jambo Africa that didn’t make it into the schedule then.

To start off with with have hung and handsome Raf Koons fucking the buff and beautiful Brian Jovovich. — Watch the hardcore preview @ Bel Ami Online

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Jock Love — Nils Tatum rails Steve Skarsgaard’s hot ass

Steve Skarsgaard & Nils Tatum (Bel Ami Online)

Looking at Steve Skarsgaard‘s body you can tell that he spends a great deal of time keeping in shape. What you can’t tell by the body is that Steve has a special weak spot for the smell of a man, and quite often goes to the gym wearing his buddy’s shirts…. just so that he can keep smelling them while he works out.

Today though Nils Tatum has a better option for training than the gym as he directs his submissive buddy is a very personal exercise regime that involves a lot of fucking, sucking and rimming. Steve’s hole is so eager to be fucked that it opens invitingly whenevr Nils start to lick. Not one to refuse such a kind invitation, Nils obliges Steve by giving him a thorough workout. — Watch the hardcore preview @ Bel Ami Online

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Double Dick For Pip — Orri Aasen & Charlie Bogard spit-roast Pip Caulfield

Pip Caulfield, Orri Aasen & Charlie Bogard (Bel Ami Online)

We all know that if there is anything Pip Caulfield likes more than a big dick, it’s 2 big dicks, so he is in heaven today as he gets fucked by both Orri Aasen and Charlie Bogard.

Our director made sure to send in Orri first to warm up Pip’s hole before taking on Charlies extra large member, but I have a feeling that Pip would have been able to cope with almost anything.

In the end, Pip ends up with a load in mouth from Orri while still being fucked by Charlie, and then a load all over his well used hole to top it off. No wonder he is all smiles at the end! — Watch the hardcore preview @ Bel Ami Online

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Going gay — Jake wants to try some Bel Ami boy butt

Dennis Mikkelsen & Andre Boleyn (Bel Ami Online)

Much like his collegue Max Dior (aka Bel Ami’s Scott Reeves), Jake is mainly known for doing couples-friendly straight porn. But he came to Bel Ami because he’d been thinking about his sexual preference and orientation. Now might be a good time to note that Jake appeared in one of the gayest straight porn scenes ever filmed — an MMF double penetration scene at X-Art (What a Girl Wants II) where his cock and balls were rubbing against James Deen’s hard shaft and nut sack throughout the DP.

Adopting the name Dennis Mikkelsen, he’s paired with brunette twink Andre Boleyn for a multi-orgasmic bareback fuck scene. If Jake/Dennis’ second cum shot is any indication, this isn’t just a gay-for-pay money grab. He’s developed a sincere taste for cute boys and anal sex. And he’s not above sucking dick or eating a sweet ass. Jake fucks the cum out of Andre, causing Andre to cum on his own face. Then poor Andre nearly drowns when Jake gives him a second facial, spraying his cute face with a fire hose of creamy spunk.

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An American In Prague — Blake Mitchell makes some new friends at Bel Ami

Andrei Karenin, Eluan Jeunet & Blake Mitchell (Bel Ami Online)

We’re very happy today to be able to present to you the first scene from ‘Blake Mitchell is An American in Prague’ co-starring Eluan Jeunet and Andrei Karenin.

We wanted to plan a very special welcome for Blake from the moment he stepped off the plane, so we dispatched 2 of our hottest and experienced models to pick him up at the airport and make sure he was made to feel welcome.

Although it is Eluan who is the instigator of all the action, it is Andrei, at his sluttish best, that turns out to be Blake’s welcome gift as the boys take turns in filling both his ass and his mouth with cock and cum. — Watch the hardcore preview @ Bel Ami Online

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HUNGarian Summer — Nino Valens plows Tom Pollock’s sweet ass

Tom Pollock & Nino Valens (Bel Ami Online)

Although it does not happen all that often, it is always a pleasure to watch HUNGarian Nino Valens topping. Today we have a partner that is quite physically different (apart from the similarities of being good looking with great bodies).

Tom Pollock is as fair as Nino is dark, muscled as Nino is slim, but the combination works out very well. Both boys are eager and passionate lovers and there is an intensity to their lovemaking that is captured very well by cameraman, Lukas Ridgeston.

Whereas most of our models don’t like to tie down their sexuality with words, Nino has never hesitated to place himself firmly at one end of the Kinsey scale. His rimming skills appear to be so good that it prompts Tom’s only English words in this scene ‘fuck me’ and from there we follow Tom’s journey to heaven on Nino’s dick. — Watch the hardcore preview @ Bel Ami Online

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Diary of A Sex Addict — Colton Reece goes deep inside Hunter Smith

Hunter Smith & Colton Reece (Falcon Studios)

After leaving the bar together, Colton Reece and Hunter Smith can hardly keep their hands off each other when Colton pulls out his dick for Hunter to suck. Hunter eagerly gets the giant cock in his mouth and takes it in and out of his throat until Colton is hard and ready to fuck. The hunks move it to the bed where Hunter bends over and offers up his ass for Colton to use. Before Colton slides his cock inside, he wants a taste of the stud’s smooth hole and gets in deep to tongue-fuck his crack. It’s obvious that Hunter is ready for some more, so the two hunks stand up and Colton slips his thick dick deep into Hunter’s tight ass. After plowing Hunter standing against a ladder, Colton throws Hunter onto the bed where he keeps up his relentless fuck by pounding Hunter’s hole from behind. The studs switch it up one last time with Hunter on his back receiving all of Colton buried in his ass. With Colton pumping hard, Hunter covers himself with thick ropes of cum. Colton loves the sight of all that cum and pulls out to cover Hunter’s face with a giant load of jizz. — Watch the hardcore preview @ Falcon Studios

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Getting to Know You — Torsten Ullman finds a new friend in Sven Basquiat

Sven Basquiat & Torsten Ullman (Bel Ami Online)

We didn’t believe it when we were scheduling this scene for you, but this is actually Sven Basquiat‘s 2nd ever scene for us, and the first after he finished his training with Kevin Warhol. Obviously, he is a natural born porn star, and as Torsten Ullman quickly finds out, constantly horny. Our all blond pairing make a great couple, and the sex is energetic and urgent, with Sven cumming a bit before he was supposed to and having to improvise the cum shot… right into Torsten waiting mouth. — Watch the hardcore preview @ Bel Ami Online

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Fresh Is Best — James Walsh gets a taste of Torsten Ullman’s sweet cream

James Walsh & Torsten Ullman (Bel Ami Online)

Following up on James Walsh’s photosession last week we have his first scene for this special with our resident Czech beauty, Torsten Ullman.

Today’s episode is an exercise in seduction by fruit. For some reason, Torsten believes that the way to get into James’ pants is via bananas and strawberries, but, luckily for us, it is pretty evident that James’ appetite is definitely for something a lot meatier.

While James may be fairly new to us, he is certainly not inexperienced as he proves when Torsten big dick slides right on in and his only reactions are moans of pleasure.

The sex is intense and hot as Torsten can finally let loose with all he has, literally fucking the cum out of his new buddy. — Watch the hardcore preview @ Bel Ami Online

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Get Wet — Shane Jackson & Tristan Hunter flip-fuck

Gay porn star Shane Jackson in Get Wet with speedo bulge (Falcon Studios)

Tristan Hunter already has a boner in his blue speedos when he starts kissing Shane Jackson during a poolside makeout session. Tristan leads Shane into the water where they get into a competition to see who can hold their breath the longest as they take turns giving each other underwater blowjobs. Shane comes out slightly ahead. After some poolside knob gobbling and ass rimming, Shane slips his meat into Tristan’s ass. The reciprocation continues when Shane sits on Tristan’s dick and rides him on the edge of the pool while jerking himself off. It isn’t long before he’s busting a nut as Tristan thrusts his cock into Shane’s tight hole. Once Tristan has an orgasm, Shane sucks his cock clean and they share a cum-coated kiss. Watch the hardcore preview @ Falcon Studios

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Absolutely Perfect — Christian Lundgren gets spit-roasted by Torsten Ullman & Helmut Huxley

Helmut Huxley, Christian Lundgren & Torsten Ullman (Bel Ami Online)

This really is the week for our superstar bottoms. Following up on Tuesday, we have Christian Lundgren with us today to show everyone how a true cock lover does it.

At the beginning of the clip, I was wondering how we would go from storyline to sex, but when Helmut Huxley and Torsten Ullman are involved we are never too far away from sex, no matter what the situation.

Of course Christian ends up the center of all attention here, offering up his ass first for some serious rimming and then for a solid pounding by both his buddies.

It’s also great to see al 3 of our hottest stars together in 1 scene, so we hope you enjoy this special programming today. — Watch the hardcore preview @ Bel Ami Online

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Get Wet — Steven Lee & Skyy Knox

Skyy Knox & Steven Lee (Falcon Studios)

Steven Lee catches Skyy Knox‘s attention by pulling his massive dick out in the pool. Skyy likes what he sees and slowly removes his sunglasses and saunters down into the water where he takes Steven’s dick in his mouth. Skyy deepthroats the hung stud as he gasps for air while savoring every inch of the dick down his throat. He eagerly works it up and down knowing that soon his reward will be to have it planted firmly in his ass. Steven is ready to open Skyy up and slips his tongue deep into the muscle stud’s smooth hole. It’s going to be a tight fit, but Steven is ready to dip his meat deep inside of Skyy. Steven takes it slow at first and gradually builds to a pounding as Skyy yells out to go deeper and faster. The horny studs switch up the action and Skyy climbs on top to ride Steven’s throbbing hard-on for a deeper pleasure. After one last switch up, Skyy lies back to let Steven finish up exactly the way he likes it. Steven continues pumping Skyy’s ass until he fucks the cum out of the panting stud. Steven loves the sight of all that jizz and pulls out to shoot his load all over Skyy’s mouth and happy, begging face. — Watch the hardcore preview @ Falcon Studios

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Watch Nils Tatum plow Niko Vangelis’ luscious, muscular bubble butt

Niko Vangelis & Nils Tatum: Bareback (Bel Ami Online)

Wrapping up an all-star week here on BelAmiOnline we have the impossibly handsome Nils Tatum together with rising star, Niko Vangelis.

This is Niko’s 2nd scene with us and you can still see that having sex in front of the camera is a bit of a strange experience for him.

Luckily he has someone as experienced and caring as Nils to make the whole experience more enjoyable.

Once the sex heats up a bit though he seems to even forget that Marty is there filming the whole thing. Niko will be back with us next during our Hungarian Heaven special partnered with Steve Harrelson. — Watch the hardcore preview @ Bel Ami Online

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