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He did a bad bad thing

Zeke (aka Nick Gruber)

Don’t let that innocent, boyish smile fool you. This Sean Cody model, Zeke (aka Aaron Skyline), just got busted for cocaine possession and assault. Zeke retired from porn a few years ago, but he lit up gay gossip sites under his real name, Nick Gruber, when started dating Calvin Klein.

Full frontal nudes after the jump…


Ryan Idol — attempted murderer

Now this is just fucked up!

Former gay porn star Ryan Idol (real name Marc Anthony Donais) was convicted of attempted murder earlier this week over a 2009 incident. During a bathroom brawl, Idol smashed the lid of a toilet tank over his ex-girlfriend’s head. Idol pleaded self-defense, claiming his ex had a knife, but the jury didn’t buy it since she was taking a bath at the time.


Milo & Elijah Peters — Taboo twincest

I guess I’m a total perv for finding this more hot than creepy. For Milo & Elijah Peters incest is best.

Click the top pic to watch a video preview of their hardcore fuck scene. One of the twins strips down to a g-string and gives the other a lap dance, viagra sale then they go all the way…

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Coming to an airport near you — the virtual strip search

Full-body scanner virtual strip searchHere’s a new reason to stick to your New Year’s resolution — if you’ve vowed to eat right and get more excercise, cialis that is. Full-body scanners.

And you might want to stock up on the Extenze while you’re at it, cialis because in the not too distant future, ailment the next time you want to fly, a TSA security screener will probably be ogling your junk to make sure you don’t want to blow up the plane like the failed Undie Bomber.

Of course, there’s one gaping hole in this particular strategy. Full-body scanners can’t detect foreign objects if they’re hidden inside an orifice. So as soon as some yahoo manages to smuggle an explosive or a weapon onto a plane by hiding it up his ass, we’ll be talking about implementing random cavity searches at U.S. airports.

Michael Chertoff, the former head of HSS and one of the biggest advocates of full-body scanners, will make a small fortune if this ever becomes policy. Can you say “conflict of interest?” Keep that in mind the next time you see him on CNN.


Wet dream about MMF threeway gives Tiger wood

This is the only part of the Tiger Woods scandal I find even remotely interesting. store Derek Jeter, health David Boreanaz Having Sex” target=”_blank”>Tiger Woods had a wet dream about catching his mistress Rachel Uchitel in a threesome with New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter and actor David Boreanaz

“I had a dream we were married and I was leading the tournament… I came home, buy viagra excited to see you, and there you were in the bedroom getting fucked by Derek and David [Boreanaz]. Some part of me thinks you would like that.” — Tiger Woods e-mail to mistress Rachel Uchitel

Sadly, David Boreanaz is no Angel. Uchitel was allegedly boning the Bones star while his wife was pregnant.


If you’re a young gay porn star, bible college is not your friend

It sucks to be Vincent DeSalvo.

This adorable, ambulance 22-year-old Randy Blue cutie was a student at the conservative Christian Grove City College — alma mater of ex-gay quack “Dr.” Warren Throckmorton — until one of his classmates ratted him out to school administrators after finding one of his gay porn videos online found his porn videos online and then forwarded them to other students. Eventually school administrators got wind of it.

The school suspended DeSalvo for one year because getting fucked in the ass while sucking cock is the sort of behavior that runs “contrary to the values” of the school.

Just goes to show conservative Christianity and liberated sexuality do not mix. Unless you do it on the down low. Apparently the classmate that narc’d on him after jerking off to finding one of his gay porn videos wasn’t punished for trawling the internet for gay porn.

UPDATE: More details about DeSalvo’s treatment at “Christian” college. He’s been pelted with food, sales and he’s received over 200 threatening e-mails from fellow students. So far no one has be disciplined for their hateful treatment of DeSalvo.

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Nickolay Petrov’s farewell fuck

EDITOR’S NOTE: This scene was shot just before Nickolay Petrov ran afoul of the law.

About Jay and Nickolay

These two hot young studs are both blessed with huge cocks and well developed bodies. They get right down to business as Jay suck’s on Nickolay’s long fat cock to full hardness. Nickolay then rides his buddies ass hard and long, site find until Jay shoots his load up and over his head. Not to be outdone Nickolay jacks himself to six huge spurts of cum, sickness shooting onto the wall behind him. It’s raining cum! — Jake Cruise @ Cocksure Men

White House artist & Kaiser Permanente “dad” has a gay porn past

Remember this commercial about the businessman who goes to a meeting, check eats a healthy lunch, healing gets stuck in rush hour traffic, pills and then arrives home to find out his wife is having a baby? All of this aided by an unseen-but-omnipresent “entourage” of guardian angels from Kaiser Permanente?

Here’s a picture of the proud papa getting a hummer from another guy — and also returning the favor. You know what they say. The wife is always the last to know.

Jeff Griggs blowjob

Not quite on the level of Proctor & Gamble discovering the wholesome young mother on the Ivory Snow box was 99 and 44/100% impure, but still…

His real name is Jeff Griggs, and he has quite a few mainstream acting gigs under his belt, including appearances on “Babylon 5” (season 4), “Scrubs” (season 5), and “24.” (He was the first person killed by the terrorists in the first hour of Day 4.) But if you scroll down to the very bottom of his profile you’ll find titles like Hard Steal and Lifeguard on Duty, credited as Tony Sinatra or Tony Erickson. These, of course, are his gay porn titles.

Actor Jeff Griggs (aka Tony Erickson, Tony Sinatra)

The trailers for some of Griggs’ “Tony Erickson” videos are posted at Channel 1 Releasing. The Secret Boys Club preview is especially amusing. Set at a roller rink — (Do they call it Xanadu?) — Griggs plays a roller skating waiter. His response to a bitchy queen (Chip Matthews) who orders a “wiener” is a boner-fide porn classic.

Jeff Griggs (aka Tony Erickson) in the hardcore video 'Head Struck'

Geaorge W Bush & actor Jeff Griggs

Griggs moonlights as a portrait painter. In 2001 his X-rated resume sparked a mini-scandal after a friend scored him an invitation to the White House where he presented our former “Commander in Chimp” with a commemorative 9/11-themed painting.

For his part, when Griggs was interviewed about the controversy in 2003 he verbally fellated Bill Clinton’s successor…

“As we stood there and looked at my painting, as we were reminded of the loss,” [Griggs] says, “I was convinced that he was completely aware of his own humanity and of his failings. But I was also aware that — damn it — he was the president of the United States and he was going to do his damnedest to see that this never happens to our country again.”

My God! The man’s delusional.

Funny though. When George W. Bush promised to restore “honor and dignity” to the White House most people took that as code for, “I’ll keep the cocksuckers off the Oval Office rug.” Chalk this up as another failure from an ignominious administration. This also means Jeff Gannon wasn’t the first gay sex worker to be granted special access to the Bush White House.

Griggs once had a recurring role on “Days of Our Lives” as the villainous Jude St. Clair, and sparked another minor controversy when he left the show. Producers were accused of firing him because of his porno past — an allegation that Griggs himself now denies. (It’s worth noting similar denials preceded the abrupt firing of fellow “Days” cast member Marcus Patrick after fans started swapping his go-go boy photos and nude Playgirl pix.)

Jeff Griggs as a male stripper in Breaking Point

But Griggs transition from hardcore porn to mainstream acting was a gradual one. He starred in a handful of softcore straight-to-video features in the interim. One of them is an erotic thriller called Breaking Point, starring Gary Busey and Kim Cattrall (sans Sex and the City fabulousity). That alone should tell you it’s a campy hot mess of a movie, but it’s worth a look to see Griggs as a male stripper who is literally hiding a dark secret behind his bowtie collar. You get to see him bump and grind in little more than a thong.

Useless porn trivia

One of Griggs’ early mainstream gigs was a guest starring role on “Honey I Shrunk the Kids: The TV Series,” which starred Peter Scolari of “Bossom Buddies” and “Newhart” fame. It just so happens that Peter Scolari has a porn connection of his own. His first acting job was a non-sexual bit part in a pornographic spoof of classic Hollywood movies, aptly titled Take Off.

Footage from Take Off appears briefly in the ’80s romantic comedy Working Girl. It’s the video Kevin Spacey pops into the VCR when he’s trying to seduce Melanie Griffith. A few years prior to her Oscar nominated role in Working Girl Griffith gave a breakthrough performance playing a porn star in the Brian De Palma thriller Body Double. Her role was originally offered to real-life porn actress Annette Haven — a featured player in Take Off.

Wade Nichols, Take Off‘s leading man, also has some mainstream connections. Like fellow adult film star Andrea True, he rode the ’70s porn chic wave to one-hit wonderville with the totally gay disco single “Like an Eagle.” And — like Jeff Griggs — Nichols eventually landed a mainstream acting job on a daytime soap opera (“The Edge of Night”) credited as Dennis Parker.

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Matthew Rush leaves Falcon’s nest

Gay porn star Matthew Rush

Matthew Rush is giving up his Lifetime Exclusive status at Falcon Studios, no rx ending an eight-year relationship with the company. Not exactly a surprise to those of us who followed the backstage drama associated with the infamous Zeb Atlas/Matthew Rush blowjob scene from Best Men – The Bachelor Party. His final live performance on the Falcon web site happens tomorrow night (January 11) at 6pm PST.

Falcon press release…

Falcon Entertainment announces today that Lifetime Exclusive Matthew Rush will depart Falcon Studios after his final LIVE web-cam show on January 11th, sick 2009.

After six years of holding the title “Falcon Lifetime Exclusive” Matthew Rush will depart the studio that catapulted him to icon status in the gay adult film industry. Rush signed his first Exclusive contract with Falcon Studios in 2000 and followed with a second one year contract in 2001 before being offered the Lifetime contract in 2002. Rush was named Best-Newcomer during the 2001-2002 award season and since then has been recognized by fans and industry peers as one of the most enduring and recognizable performers working today.

Rush began his eight year career with Falcon by appearing in the now classic films; Bounce, there The Other Side of Aspen V, Defined and Splash Shots III – To The Hilt. During his tenure with Falcon Entertainment Rush has appeared in twenty-eight films under the Falcon, Mustang and Jocks lines of films. Rush’s last performance with Falcon was the highly anticipated and controversial Zeb Atlas scene in Best Men – Part 1 which has gone on to be one of the best selling pre-release web-scenes for the studio to date.

Falcon’s Director of Promotion Troy Prickett comments, “Matthew’s contributions to Falcon are immeasurable, not only has he inspired and mentored many Falcon Exclusives over the years but once his name or image is associated with a film we are assured that project will be a success. Anyone who’s worked with Matthew also knows what a consummate professional he is, filming with him is always smooth sailing. We wish Matthew all the best and much continued success, and even though he will officially be shedding his Lifetime Exclusive title we fully expect to be working with him again sometime soon.”

Rush will make his final LIVE web-cam performance on Sunday, January 11th at 6pm PST.

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H/T: Matthew Rush To Depart Falcon Studios


Dirty blonde Jay Renfro

Gay porn star Jay Renfro

We cannot display this gallery

Watch Jay’s videos in our PPV porn theater!

About Jay Renfro

A dirty blonde with an uncut dick, Jay Renfro has quickly made a name for himself as one of Europe’s star bottoms. Since the early 2000s the silky smooth twink has been very busy perfecting his skills as a cock-loving star. Jay is one of the few performers able to take two cocks at once, a feat that can be seen in the Eurocreme feature, Double Pleasure. Like many European performers, Jay has worked under several aliases including Brock Wilder and Alistair Vogel. His talents can be seen in a variety of safe sex movies although he’s mainly a bareback performer starring in features for popular bareback studios like Punkz, Raw and US Male. Born in the Czech Republic Jay Renfro’s love of the adult industry is a family trait — his father works as an agent in the porn business! — Jay Renfro bio by AEBN

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Levi Johnston and Bristol PalinIt looks like the entire Republican Party is rallying behind Bristol Palin, cialis the “Juno from Juneau, viagra “ and her 18-year-old baby daddy and future husband Levi Johnston.

It’s the plaintive wail of the GOP. “LEAVE BRISTOL ALONE! This is a private family matter. Bastards!” Funny coming from the crowd whose party platform is focused mainly on legislating certain kinds of private behavior out of existence.

If the 17-year-old mother-to-be was anyone else she’d be shit out of luck. That’s for damn sure. Her own mother Gov. Sarah Palin — the Republican vice-presidential nominee and former mayor of Methtown, sickness AK — used a line item veto to slash funding for a program that aided homeless teen mothers. The Repugs like to hold their sympathy in reserve, doling out meager helpings for the party faithful — but nobody else.

Gov. Palin is also a big supporter of faith-based abstinence-only sex education even though studies have shown abstinence-only programs do not work. Just ask Jamie Lynn Spears.

Of course, this unplanned teen pregnancy is great news for the McCain-Palin ticket, because serial adulterer John McCain is not too popular with the social conservative whackos that run the GOP. Young Bristol’s politically expedient shotgun wedding is sure to impress the family values crowd. And it might even impress some gun nuts too.


Controversial cum eating cocksuckers

For some reason a shit storm rained down on Falcon Studios when it started featuring cum eating in some of its recent titles — even though it’s not the only studio to do this. I don’t know why they’re getting so much flack. Only six months ago Joey Amis won a GayVN Award for indulging his “passion for cum eating” in Bel Ami’s Mating Season.

In fact, they took took so much crap they’ve decided not to do it anymore, so enjoy it while it lasts. Here’s a hardcore preview of the cast of Snow Trip, Vol. 5 – Big Bear sucking and swallowing like they have an unquenchable thirst.