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Jimmy & Will’s Fire Island fuck

Will Wikle & Jimmy Durano (CockyBoys)

Will Wikle, a former Big Brother contestant, hooks up with gay porn star Jimmy Durano at Fire Island vacation home. Watch his luscious bubble butt get fingered and fucked under an outdoor shower.


Will Wikle does Jimmy Durano

Jimmy Durano & Will Wikle (CockyBoys)

After spending a day at the beach, Jimmy Durano and Will Wikle take it to the next level with a little oral foreplay in Will Wikle’s second hardcore feature.


Colby Keller seduces Will Wikle

Colby Keller & Will Wikle (CockyBoys)

Watch Colby Keller seduce Will Wikle (Big Brother 5) in The Stillest Hour: Part Two.


Will Wikle bottoms for Colby Keller

Colby Keller & Will Wikle in The Stillest Hour (CockyBoys)

Maybe you’ve seen that video of Will Wikle (the reality TV star turned porn dabbler) walking the streets of New York in nothing but a tiny bikini brief — or his big soapy booty in that nude Paper Mag photo shoot. And maybe when you saw his big round bubble butt you wished you could see it getting fucked. Well, this month your wish has been granted as CockyBoys has finally released the hardcore debut of BB5 Will.

The former Big Brother contestant (who married into the gay porn industry) bottoms for Colby Keller in The Stillest Hour, a two-part CockyBoys feature. The first installment features Will in a brief hardcore tease, reprising the main event — Colby’s epic stairwell suck-and-fuck session with Levi Karter. These hardcore promotional stills give you an up-close-and-personal view of the action.


Colby Keller hammers Levi Michaels

Levi Michaels & Colby Keller

The first thing Colby Keller noticed about Levi Michaels was his ass. So once they paired up, he couldn’t wait to dive right in. There’s plenty of kissing and fucking. Then Levi gets rewarded with a soppy facial cum shot.


Duncan Black & Levi Karter flip-fuck

Duncan Black & Levi Karter

Versatile hotties Duncan Black and Levi Karter really hit it off, so they take turns going bottoms up for each other.


Levi Karter & his toys

Levi Karter

Sometimes, if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. Levi Karter has a pleasure chest full of sex toys. A dildo, a cock sleeve, a penis pump, a vibrator, and a whole lotta lube. These are just the right tools to get the job done. Watch Levi fuck himself silly at Cocky Boys!


Tobias does Arnaud Chagall

Arnaud Chagall & Tobias

Cocky Boys newcomer Tobias gets a very warm welcome from seasoned porn veteran Arnaud Chagall. Arnaud gives Tobias some head and then bends over so that Tobias can pound his perfect bubble butt.


Fucking intense — Colby does Ricky

Colby Keller & Ricky Roman

Colby Keller and Ricky Roman enjoy some extremely intense and passionate love making. Watch them fuck at Cocky Boys.


Jett & Levi give and receive

Jett Black & Levi Karter

In this season of giving, Jett Black and Levi Karter learn that is truly better to give than receive. Especially when your hookup partner is willing to return the favor. Watch them flip-fuck at Cocky Boys.


(if) Tommy & Anthony were lovers …

Anthony Romero & Tommy Defendi

A scene that imagines an incredibly spicy hookup between Tommy Defendi and Anthony Romero. Anthony gives special oral attention to Tommy’s big beautiful cock. Watch it now exclusively at Cocky Boys.


The Haunting — Arnaud does Ricky

Ricky Roman & Arnaud Chagall

Ricky Roman and Arnaud Chagall find true love in the afterlife in The Haunting III: A Kiss Before Goodnight. OMG! It’s just like Ghost. Can’t you just hear those heavenly strains of “Unchained Melody” playing?

Watch The Haunting III at it at Cocky Boys.


The Haunting — Christian does Max

Christian Wilde & Max Ryder

More sexy, supernatural happenings in a spooky Amityville looking house from The Haunting III: A Kiss Before Goodnight. This time around Christian Wilde is a tortured artist who ravages spritely real estate agent Max Ryder in his newly purchased haunted house.

Watch The Haunting III at it at Cocky Boys.


The Haunting — Dale does Ricky

Ricky Roman & Dale Cooper

I’m scaring up some spooky porn for Halloween. Cocky Boy’s The Haunting II: Into the Woods. Agent Dale Cooper’s investigation of the mysterious disappearance of Jake Steel and Dillon Rossi leads to a sexy, supernatural encounter with Ricky Roman.

Hold on. Agent Dale Cooper? Like the Kyle MacLachlan character from Twin Peaks? Is that where he got his porn name? Anyway. Watch The Haunting II at it at Cocky Boys.


Ty Roderick does Asher Hawk

Ty Roderick & Asher Hawk

When Asher Hawk goes cruising for a prostate bruising in the woods, patient he gets exactly what he was looking for from Ty Roderick, who fucks the hell out of him. Watch Ty take charge at Cocky Boys.


Levi, Zach & Asher have a threeway

Zach, Asher Hawk & Levi Karter at Cocky Boys

Find out what happens when three versatile and beautiful Cocky Boys get together during a weekend getaway. See Zach, Levi Karter and Asher Hawk have a hot threesome after the jump…


Kevin Crows cums out of retirement

Kevin Crows at Cocky Boys

Kevin Crows (who now works exclusively in straight porn under the name Billy Hart) has taken an extended leave from gay porn. But Cocky Boys just dug up two hot new jack off scenes. See an extended preview clip after the jump…


Tony Milan does Arnaud Chagall

Tony Milan & Arnaud Chagall

Arnaud Chagall is a versatile fucker, but after taking one look at Tony Milan’s smoldering good looks, he knew he had to get fucked by him. Watch them hookup at Cocky Boys.


Ty & Hayden spit-fuck Levi

Hayden Lourd, Levi Karter & Ty Roderick

Hayden Lourd has filmed only one other hardcore sex scene — with his new BFF Levi Karter. Now he’s going to get a few pointers from experienced vet Ty Roderick when they take turns railing Levi’s hot, little ass. See this hardcore threeway at Cocky Boys.


Levi & Hayden are so into each other

Levi Karter & Hayden Lourd

Hayden Lourd and Levi Karter are balls deep into each other. They start with some frisky public lewdness on a rooftop terrace where they give each other blowjobs. Then they move inside to the apartment for a flip-flop fuck.


Good Lourd!

Hayden Lourd

Hayden Lourd is a handsome, prostate blue-eyed blond with a bright smile, seek a pretty cock, and a beautiful bubble butt. As he strokes his dick and finger fucks his tight hole, he’s so sexy and seductive the cameraman gets in on the action by cumming on his cute ass, and then by giving him a helping hand.


A Thing of Beauty — Gabriel & Dale

Dale Cooper & Gabriel Clark

Gabriel Clark and Dale Cooper can’t keep their hands (or mouths) off each other. More hardcore stills from the upcoming erotic short film A Thing of Beauty after the jump…


A Thing of Beauty — Colby, Gabriel & Dale

Colby Keller, Gabriel Clark & Dale Cooper

Now it’s Dale Cooper’s turn to get tag teamed by Colby Keller and Gabriel Clark. They fuck in every conceivable combination in this hot threeway. Dale shoves both their cocks into his mouth at the same time. Then he gets spit fucked — with Gabriel sucking him off while he fucks Dale’s ass. And Colby bottoms for Gabriel while topping Dale. More hardcore stills from the upcoming erotic short film A Thing of Beauty after the jump…


A Thing of Beauty — Colby & Dale

Colby Keller & Dale Cooper

Cocky Boys Dale Cooper and Colby Keller hookup during a playful poolside frolic. More hardcore stills from the upcoming erotic short film A Thing of Beauty after the jump…