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Johan does Josh

Johan Volny fucks Josh Barentt -- Club EuroCreme

About Johan Volny & Josh Barentt

Angel faced Johan Volny gets to show off what he can do with that big dick of his in this scene. He and Josh Barentt start off innocently making out on the sofa but it isn’t long before the clothes come off and Josh makes a move down south to show off his oral skills as he tries to fit all of Johan’s big dick down his throat. Not to be outdone, illness Johan gets on his knees to suck on Josh’s cock to show off his own oral talent. Hungry for more cock, Josh gets back down on the floor and sucks Johan off for a bit before he bends over so Johan can fuck him with that huge cock. Check out how much Josh is precumming – clearly he’s enjoying himself! Johan pushes Josh down onto his stomach so he can really fuck him deep. Then Josh climbs on top of Johan and rides his cock until he blows his load all over Johan. Being the good bottom that he is, he climbs off and blows Johan until Johan shoots a massive load all over Josh’s face and mouth. — Club Eurocreme

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Marco Blaze does Nathan Cox

Marco Blaze does Nathan Cox at Club Eurocreme

Cute little twink Nathan Cox tackles Marco Blaze’s gigantic, salve uncut cock at Club Eurocreme

About Marco Blaze & Nathan Cox

What’s a ripped stud? Well take a look at these guys and their six-packs and you’ll find out. Ripped to the tits Marco Blaze and Nathan Cox start off making out on the bed. Soon Marco pulls out his huge cock for Nathan to work on. Nathan sucks on that big dick for a while, taking in as much as he can while Marco thrusts into his throat. Marco lays down in bed so Nathan can keep blowing him while Marco eats out Nathan’s hot ass. Rimmed out and ready to go, Nathan bends over so Marco can fuck him – and fuck him he does! Marco really slams into him with that thick cock of his and Nathan loves every second of it. Then Nathan climbs on top of Marco to ride him, taking in every inch. Finally Nathan ends up on his back with Marco fingering him. First with one finger and then all the way to four fingers! Then Marco shoves his dick in again, occasionally sliding in a finger up into Nathan’s ass with his dick as a little something extra. Finally Nathan shoots his load all over his ripped abs. Marco pulls out and blows his load all over Nathan’s face and into his mouth. — Club Eurocreme

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