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See why Chad is all smiles

Sean Cody -- Chad

You’ll understand why Chad is smiling so large when he rolls over to reveal his big, fat whopper of a cock. I mean, he has to know how big it is. (Thick as your average wrist!) So being completely secure in his manhood must be a huge load off his mind.

Chad’s a handsome black man with a hairy chest, a beefy body, and an absolutely gorgeous smile. Watch him rub one out in his first Sean Cody solo scene.


3 str8 boys sucking dick for money

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I know it’s skeevy and all. But the thought of straight guys whoring themselves out and doing unspeakable things (like sucking cock) for cold, hard cash sends a special tingle to my nether regions.


Chiseled Chad taking it all off


Another look at Playgirl hunk Chad stripping down for a morning encounter.


Chiseled Chad has a chubby

Playgirl hunk Chad

Just a chiseled Playgirl hunk whipping his dick out and getting naked by the pool.