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Kelly Ripa’s stripper husband “Meaty” Mark Consuelos

Nude photos of soap opera star Mark Consuelos working as a male stripper circa 1994

Really Big Brother — Jonas Sulzbach

Jonas Sulzbach, a star of Brazilian Big Brother and a former Mr. Brazil, shows off his impressive rock-hard endowment on a webcam. Somebody get Chi Chi on the line — STAT!

H/T: Yep, Big Brother Brasil’s Jonas Sulzbach Made A Sex Tape


Marcus Patrick has morning wood

Marcus Patrick

The controversial Playgirl photos of former soap opera actor Marcus Patrick. Showing the outline of his hard cock got him fired from Days of Our Lives. More boner and naked butt shots after the jump…


Horror actor Danny Lopes naked

Danny Lopes

More pics of model/actor Danny Lopes, the self-described Freddie Prinze Jr. of indie horror, getting naked for Playgirl


Actor Danny Lopes gets naked

Danny Lopes

Model/actor Danny Lopes, pharm the self-described Freddie Prinze Jr. of indie horror, capsule got naked and showed wood to Playgirl magazine. Full frontal nudes after the jump…


Come up to the lab and see what’s on the slab!

Thirty-five years and still kicking. I’m sure everyone involved thought this low-budget horror spoof would be a minor scratch on their resumes, prescription but it’s not only a cult phenomenon, it’s the longest running theatrical release in movie history. If you’re a Rocky Horror virgin who’s always wondered what the midnight movie experience was like, here’s a Cliffs Notes tribute to the gay friendly musical. Watch for Rocky’s grand entrance and his crowd-pleasing gyrations during the finale. He’s O-Kay!


Bill Cable in Basic Instinct

Bill Cable as Johnny Boz in Basic InstinctIn the opening minutes of Basic Instinct he gets ice picked to death while having sex. When Michael Douglas visits the crime scene we see a close up of his bloodied cock and balls. It’s a crotch shot that’s even more explicit than the one that made Sharon Stone a household name.

The gratuitous cock shot is probably why they hired a retired porn model to play the murder victim, site Johnny Boz, in the notorious NC-17 rated erotic thriller. His name was Bill Cable. He was the cover model for the November 1974 issue of Playgirl magazine, and he modeled for COLT Studios under the nom de porn Stoner, appearing in at least two gay porn films, including Rip COLT’s Sex Rated Home Movies.

Basic Instinct was Bill Cable’s final screen credit. He was killed in a motorcycle accident in 1998. See “Stoner” in all his X-rated glory in the video clip below…

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Steven Daigle: XXXposed

Big Brother 10 house guest Steven Daigle — by far the cutest token gay to have ever participated in the reality TV series — makes his porn debut this week in Rascal’s eponymous XXX video. Here’s the first glimpse of Steven Daigle: XXXposed, thumb a video that capitalizes on his career on the gay rodeo circuit. He’s sort of a real-life version of Jack Twist. I wish I could quit… staring at his cute ass!


Josh Duhamel — When in Rome do as the Romans nude…

Josh Duhamel -- full frontal nude

Josh Duhamel -- cute ass

Josh Duhamel -- naked butt

In a recent Advocate interview, decease Fergie (aka Mrs. Josh Duhamel) implied her husband has a big dick. I guess he’s a grower, levitra not a shower. But we may never know for sure because the Duhamel’s — unlike some other celebrity couples I could mention — deliberately avoid bringing camera’s into the bedroom.

His ass is amazing, though, isn’t it? Too bad his new movie, When In Rome, looks like crap.

I think women are beautiful, I’ve had a lot of fun with women, and I’m not ashamed of it. The problem is that I also love a well-endowed man. — Stacy Ferguson (aka Fergie)


The Beastmaster tames a shrew

Are you wondering why Petruchio is wearing what appears to be a 16th century version of the patented Chippendales cuffs and collar? Maybe it’s because this bawdy production of “The Taming of the Shrew” was mounted by the American Conservatory Theater. In San Francisco. All that talk of “combless cocks” and “tongues in tails.” Yep, sovaldi definitely San Francisco.

That’s Marc Singer, nurse the original Beastmaster and Mike Donovan from V: The Original Miniseries, prescription playing a nimble (not to mention buff) Petruchio. Who knew? I love how Kate (Fredi Olster) reacts when she sees him from behind. No one could fill out a pair of tight pants quite like Marc.


A cock on lips now — the Marlon Brando blowjob photo

Picture of Marlon Brando sucking cock

This scandalous picture has been floating around the internet for years, health but the folks over at L.A. Rag Mag are positively giddy about it now.

The grainy black-and-white photo shows Colonel Kurtz himself (aka Marlon Brando) swallowing something that’s definitely not a bug. According to Hollywood lore, pilule Brando is sucking a dick that belongs to his lifelong friend — the aptly named Wally Cox. And apparently it’s not a fake.

Back in the day, this was the sort of bromance that dared not speak it’s name. Brando’s first wife tried to use it against him in divorce proceedings. Eventually he admitted posing for the picture as a joke.

“Homosexuality is so much in fashion it no longer makes news. Like a large number of men, I, too, have had homosexual experiences and I am not ashamed. I have never paid much attention to what people think about me.” — Marlon Brando

Here’s a reminder of how hot Marlon Brando used to be before he let himself go…

Mr. Man - Find nude male celebrities & explicit sex in mainstream movies!

Jamie Bamber bears all

Jamie Bamber PETA ad

“Battlestar Galactica” star Jamie Bamber is baring all to save the Canadian black bears. Well, doctor he’s baring some anyway. Such a prick tease! It’s a PETA publicity stunt so don’t expect to see too much. This does bring back fond memories of that very special episode of BSG, site though. The one where Apollo has trouble keeping his towel on.

Jamie Bamber celebrity stalker shrine


White House artist & Kaiser Permanente “dad” has a gay porn past

Remember this commercial about the businessman who goes to a meeting, check eats a healthy lunch, healing gets stuck in rush hour traffic, pills and then arrives home to find out his wife is having a baby? All of this aided by an unseen-but-omnipresent “entourage” of guardian angels from Kaiser Permanente?

Here’s a picture of the proud papa getting a hummer from another guy — and also returning the favor. You know what they say. The wife is always the last to know.

Jeff Griggs blowjob

Not quite on the level of Proctor & Gamble discovering the wholesome young mother on the Ivory Snow box was 99 and 44/100% impure, but still…

His real name is Jeff Griggs, and he has quite a few mainstream acting gigs under his belt, including appearances on “Babylon 5” (season 4), “Scrubs” (season 5), and “24.” (He was the first person killed by the terrorists in the first hour of Day 4.) But if you scroll down to the very bottom of his profile you’ll find titles like Hard Steal and Lifeguard on Duty, credited as Tony Sinatra or Tony Erickson. These, of course, are his gay porn titles.

Actor Jeff Griggs (aka Tony Erickson, Tony Sinatra)

The trailers for some of Griggs’ “Tony Erickson” videos are posted at Channel 1 Releasing. The Secret Boys Club preview is especially amusing. Set at a roller rink — (Do they call it Xanadu?) — Griggs plays a roller skating waiter. His response to a bitchy queen (Chip Matthews) who orders a “wiener” is a boner-fide porn classic.

Jeff Griggs (aka Tony Erickson) in the hardcore video 'Head Struck'

Geaorge W Bush & actor Jeff Griggs

Griggs moonlights as a portrait painter. In 2001 his X-rated resume sparked a mini-scandal after a friend scored him an invitation to the White House where he presented our former “Commander in Chimp” with a commemorative 9/11-themed painting.

For his part, when Griggs was interviewed about the controversy in 2003 he verbally fellated Bill Clinton’s successor…

“As we stood there and looked at my painting, as we were reminded of the loss,” [Griggs] says, “I was convinced that he was completely aware of his own humanity and of his failings. But I was also aware that — damn it — he was the president of the United States and he was going to do his damnedest to see that this never happens to our country again.”

My God! The man’s delusional.

Funny though. When George W. Bush promised to restore “honor and dignity” to the White House most people took that as code for, “I’ll keep the cocksuckers off the Oval Office rug.” Chalk this up as another failure from an ignominious administration. This also means Jeff Gannon wasn’t the first gay sex worker to be granted special access to the Bush White House.

Griggs once had a recurring role on “Days of Our Lives” as the villainous Jude St. Clair, and sparked another minor controversy when he left the show. Producers were accused of firing him because of his porno past — an allegation that Griggs himself now denies. (It’s worth noting similar denials preceded the abrupt firing of fellow “Days” cast member Marcus Patrick after fans started swapping his go-go boy photos and nude Playgirl pix.)

Jeff Griggs as a male stripper in Breaking Point

But Griggs transition from hardcore porn to mainstream acting was a gradual one. He starred in a handful of softcore straight-to-video features in the interim. One of them is an erotic thriller called Breaking Point, starring Gary Busey and Kim Cattrall (sans Sex and the City fabulousity). That alone should tell you it’s a campy hot mess of a movie, but it’s worth a look to see Griggs as a male stripper who is literally hiding a dark secret behind his bowtie collar. You get to see him bump and grind in little more than a thong.

Useless porn trivia

One of Griggs’ early mainstream gigs was a guest starring role on “Honey I Shrunk the Kids: The TV Series,” which starred Peter Scolari of “Bossom Buddies” and “Newhart” fame. It just so happens that Peter Scolari has a porn connection of his own. His first acting job was a non-sexual bit part in a pornographic spoof of classic Hollywood movies, aptly titled Take Off.

Footage from Take Off appears briefly in the ’80s romantic comedy Working Girl. It’s the video Kevin Spacey pops into the VCR when he’s trying to seduce Melanie Griffith. A few years prior to her Oscar nominated role in Working Girl Griffith gave a breakthrough performance playing a porn star in the Brian De Palma thriller Body Double. Her role was originally offered to real-life porn actress Annette Haven — a featured player in Take Off.

Wade Nichols, Take Off‘s leading man, also has some mainstream connections. Like fellow adult film star Andrea True, he rode the ’70s porn chic wave to one-hit wonderville with the totally gay disco single “Like an Eagle.” And — like Jeff Griggs — Nichols eventually landed a mainstream acting job on a daytime soap opera (“The Edge of Night”) credited as Dennis Parker.

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‘True Blood’ lust for Ryan Kwanten

We cannot display this galleryIn “True Blood”HBO‘s Southern Gothic horror series from “Six Feet Under” scribe Alan Ball — vampires are “coming out of the coffin” to mingle with humankind thanks to a synthetic blood that lets them quench their sanguinary appetites without feasting on the living.

Vamps seeking equal rights have supplanted gays on the bigotry totem pole. Their integration into mainstream society faces heavy opposition from superstitious humans spooked by their unnatural lifestyle.

But the vampires aren’t about to go down without a… bite. They’re still monsters after all, and some of them have a serious mean streak. When a vampire-hating religious leader dies in a freak accident — along with his entire family — it seems a pack of bloodsucking fiends is responsible. In spite of their self-righteous posturing, though, human monsters are every bit as lethal as their undead counterparts.

A serial killer obsessed with “fang-bangers” (women who do it with vampires) is stalking Bon Temps, a Louisiana backwater. The prime suspect is one Jason Stackhouse (Australian hunk Ryan Kwanten), the ne’er-do-well brother of the series’ telepathic protagonist Sookie Stackhouse (Academy Award winner Anna Paquin). Two victims were murdered after spending the night with Jason. Sookie and Jason’s kindly grandmother (Lois Smith) is the latest victim — murdered after befriending a Civil War-era vampire (dead sexy Stephen Moyer) who also happens to be romancing Jason’s sister.

One of the main draws of the series is Ryan Kwanten’s portrayal of the oversexed Stackhouse sibling. His hyper-sexualized characterization gets a handy assist from the costume designer who, during scenes that don’t involve gratuitous nudity, dresses him in tight, nut-hugging low-rise jeans. I especially like how his too-short t-shirts reveal the small of his back whenever he sits down.

The producers seem to delight in finding new ways to objectify Kwanten from week to week. I guess it’s one of the perks of having an openly gay creator like Alan Ball at the helm. So far we’ve seen Kwanten…

  • — on all fours with his bare butt in the air giving lip service to a female friend…
  • — having kinky S&M sex with said female friend…
  • — co-opting the patented Patrick Bateman vanity point while fucking another playmate…
  • — dancing for a webcam in nothing but tight bikini briefs and a Laura Bush mask…

He also spent an entire episode fighting off a killer case of priapism after OD’ing on vampire blood. In the series vampire blood — dubbed V — is a highly addictive narcotic and potentially deadly aphrodisiac. At this point in the series his character is a sex addict in more than one sense, dropping hits of V to supercharge his libido.

Even if this supernatural satire had nothing else going for it (and it does have quite a lot going for it actually), my inner perve would compel me to watch just to see the latest satyromaniacal misadventure from the Boy Wonder from Down Under.

Sexy nudie pix of Ryan Kwanten below and related link to naked video clips of his sexy co-star…

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Ryan Kwanten celebrity stalker shrine


Rafael Nadal’s big naked bubble butt

Rafael Nadal caught naked in public

When will these guys learn? (Hopefully never.) If you’re rich and famous you can never ever take off your clothes in public. Unless, ampoule of course, hospital you want your hot nakedness to get transmitted across the globe before you’ve had time to zip your pants back up again.

The latest male celeb to be caught unawares is Spanish tennis champ and Olympic gold medalist Rafael Nadal. He was snapped changing his shorts in broad daylight on his yacht.

Even if you’re not a fan of the sport, who wouldn’t be riveted by the sight of his big sexy culo bouncing around the court in thin white tennis shorts? Straight guys and lesbians, that’s who.

Rafael Nadal celebrity stalker shrine


Ryan Reynolds’ ass now the property of Scarlett Johansson

Ryan Reynolds extended nude scene from Buying the Cow

… and his cock … and his balls … and 50% of his earthly possessions…

Scarlett Johansson broke off her faux engagement to Barack Obama so she could purchase ,20229417,00.html” target=”_blank”>marry Canadian himbo Ryan Reynolds over the weekend. Reynolds’ ex — fellow Canadian songstress Alanis Morissette — is penning a bitter breakup anthem even as we speak type.

When Scarlett Jo informed Obama of her impeding nuptials, he whispered something in her ear that only she could hear. Campaign supporters speculate that the Democratic nominee must’ve told her something deeply profound.

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Ryan Reynolds celebrity stalker shrine


Greece is the word…

Nude Olympic swimmer Gregor Tait in an ad for Powerade

One thing Calvin Klein taught us is that naked models can sell pretty much anything. Perfume, for sale underwear, stuff jeans… You name it. And now Coca-Cola Great Britain — no doubt inspired by the ancient Greeks — is using naked Olympic athletes to sell Powerade, the official sports drink of human rights violations, er, I mean the Beijing Games.


America hates Jessie Godderz (updated)

Jessie Godderz of Big Brother 10Big Brother contestant Jessie Godderz — the part time nude model and full time narcissist — spent the past week writing checks his arrogant ass couldn’t cash and learned that strutting around like a tool while antagonizing people even though you need their vote isn’t the most winningest stategery. Viewers were given a chance to weigh in via text message and cast the deciding vote that got him evicted from the Big Brother hamster habitrail. Jessie is survived in the house by Michelle, online a leotarded, pig-feet-eating, Portuguese real estate agent from Rhode Island.

Michelle vowed to avenge her beloved Jessie’s ouster after winning a shot at picking the next potential evictees. Poor thing doesn’t seem to realize Jessie might not be playing on the same team.

UPDATE: Here’s Jessie’s incoherent exit interview with Entertainment Weekly where shares his thoughts about the show and how gays and Jews run Hollywood and the banking industry. Oy vey!

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Ian Somerhalder — cock blocked!

We cannot display this galleryRemember “Tell Me You Love Me” — that dreary cable series with graphic simulated sex scenes? Well HBO just pulled the ultimate cock block. They canceled it. Can’t say I’m surprised. Even the sight of Ian Somerhalder‘s naked, undulating buttocks and semi-erect penis couldn’t make this suffocating dysfunctional relationship drama watchable. I bailed after just two episodes. Even the promise of full frontal nudity from the rosy-cheeked, blue-eyed pretty boy couldn’t get me to come back. Ian’s sex scenes were sort of a letdown anyway because they had him bumping uglies with, of all things, a girl. After his boy-boy makeout session with James Van Der Beek (not to mention his R-rated simulated j/o and underwear dancing) in Rules of Attraction I was hoping he’d reprise his role as The Gay so we could see him grind his naked ball sack into another man’s crotch.

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Big Brother Jackass Jessie Godderz nude

We cannot display this galleryDon’t let the baby face fool you. From what I’ve seen, Jessie Godderz of “Big Brother 10” is the biggest asshole in the house — a preening douche bag who expects the other hamsters to lick his feet. Being a braying jackass is a prerequisite for getting cast on this show, so that’s saying something.

This week they evicted Steven, this season’s one and only gay. In Jessie’s goodbye message he said, “Hey, Steven, I’m glad you realized how awesome I am and that you’re trying to become as awesome as me. Good luck with that.” OK, not his exact words, but that’s the gist.

Not that Steven was any prize. Read After Elton to find out what Steven, the willfully ignorant rodeo clown cowboy had to say about Libra, the homophobic black woman. See what I mean? Braying jackasses, all of them.

Like so many other reality show contestants Jessie has some nude photos in his past. Other “Big Brother” cast members who’ve bared all for the cameras include Hardy Hill (BB2) who appeared in a softcore porno called Summer Desire. Josh Feinberg (BB3) got naked for Playgirl Magazine.

And then there’s Crazy James, the “Big Brother 9” cast mate who topped them all by doing hardcore gay porn for Dirty Boy Video. Not a fan of the alt-boy’s tats or the faux hawk, but Crazy James has a nice dick. And he put his cock sucker’s lips to good use. You can see Crazy James in action here. He also appeared in Dirty Tricks, an online pornographic sitcom.

UPDATE: People claiming to be Jessie’s friends have been spreading rumors about his sexuality. These so-called friends also say they have pictures that are even racier than the nudes that are currently in circulation. Ai! With friends like these who needs enemas?

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Christian Bale’s naked butt

Picture: Christian Bale's nude shower scene from American Psycho

Not sure what to make of Christian Bale‘s recent arrest for allegedly assaulting his sister and mother or those reports of tantrums on the set of Terminator 4? But I do know one thing for sure. His ass is hotter than his temper. I think these screen grabs from American Psycho prove my point.

Bale underwent a radical physical transformation for his breakthrough performance as Patrick Bateman, stuff the preening, homicidal yuppy and prototypical metrosexual. Can’t blame him for wanting to show off the results. Remember those dark days when hot young actors thought earning acclaim meant keeping your clothes on? Credit Christian Bale for helping reverse that misguided notion.


HDTV Design Star is former porn star

So another openly gay reality show star comes out of the porn closet. His name is Michael Verdugo — Mikey V. to his fans. He’s a front runner on HDTV’s “Design Star” — a show I’d never even heard of until now.

About a dozen years ago Verdugo, see a former cop, order did a B&D video called Rope Rituals for Tom “Ropes” McGurk with a well known porn star named Chris McKenzie.

The submissive slave Mikey V. (acting under the name Jeremy Wess) did a bondage session with dominating master McKenzie. Their bondage rituals included hogtying, whip cracking, and cum spurting. The video is currently out of print, but it’s available on VOD at xTube. A video clip and photos are posted below…

Incidentally, a set of hardcore Chris McKenzie pix was posted here on the old version of this site. He was quite popular back in the day.

UPDATE: Verdugo was voted off the show, and his police dept. place him on administrative leave pending an investigation by internal affairs.

UPDATE II: Rope Rituals producer Christopher O’Neal denies that Mikey V and the bondage star are the same person. He told the Miami Herald that the porn actor who used the stage name Jeremy Wess presented photo ID with a name other than Michael Verdugo.

UPDATE III: “Design Star” staged a reunion, but Mikey V. was conspicuously absent.


Biker’s shorts

Big bulging VPL of champions

It takes balls to be seen in public like this. Only a special kind of guy can pull it off. This is my tribute to biker shorts. A set of pictures that runs the gamut from goofy to sexy.

UPDATE: Now with more VPL!!!


Orlando Bloom’s naked ass

Orlando Bloom's naked butt

These pix were snapped by a peeping pap who followed Orlando Bloom and his girlfriend, patient Victoria’s Secret model Miranda Kerr, treat to a vacation spot in Gran Canaria.

I feel so dirty for feeding stalkerazzi who took these photos, but what the hell. If Orlando didn’t want the world to see his naked butt, I think he’d try to avoid loitering near publicly accessible doorways while nude.

Click the above photo for a larger version. A series of candid Orlando photos can be found at the links below…

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