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Bridger punishes Justin’s ass

Justin Owen & Bridger Watts (Next Door Studios)

Returning from an afternoon of errands, Bridger Watts senses something is off inside his home. Not sure what he’ll find, he inspects the downstairs and makes his way up to his bedroom. Hearing a sound from the closet, he makes his way over, bracing for whoever is lurking behind the door. The last thing he expected to see was a naked man, bent over with a dildo in his ass, and yet, that’s exactly how he finds Justin Owen. Justin, obviously embarrassed, tries to play it off, but Bridger isn’t hearing it, grabbing Justin and throwing him on the bed. Justin wonders just what he’s gotten himself into when Bridger tells him he can either view this as punishment or pleasure. Justin sighs as Bridger pulls him closer to his crotch, unzipping his pants and pulling out his cock, pushing Justin’s face down onto his shaft. Justin gags on it as Bridger holds Justin’s head, choking him with his dick and smiling. Justin does as Bridger tells him to, sucking him off before Bridger bends him over, arching Justin’s nice ass high into the air as he plunges his cock deep into Justin’s hole. Bridger teaches Justin a lesson about invasion, pounding him from behind and then pile driving him from above, before spinning the would-be burglar over onto his back and fucking the cum out of him, pulling out and spitting his massive load all over Justin’s face in a sweet form of payback. — Next Door Studios


“Our Wives Are Cheating”

Bridger Watts & Alex Greene (Next Door Buddies)

After Bridger Watts finds out his wife has been having a same-sex affair he decides to get even by doing the same thing with Alex Greene. Whaaaat!? Yeah, suck some dick, Bridger. That’ll show her!


“I Wanna Fuck Some Gay Ass”

Cheating Faith -- Markie More & Bridger Watts (Next Door World)

Markie More enjoys a transgressive tryst with an unfaithful husband (Bridger Watts) whose wife won’t give him anal. Watch Markie and Bridger do the dirty deed in Cheating Faith: I Wanna Fuck Some Gay Ass.