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Brandon bones his fanboy Joe

Brandon & Joe: Bareback (Sean Cody)

Joe — who admits jacking off to Brandon‘s videos — has been a fan for a long time. He’s so thirsty for Brandon that during the first round of their fuck session, Joe drops to his knees and sucks the cum out of Brandon’s spurting cock. During the second round of their suck and fuck session, Joe’s hard cock thwaps against his stomach as he bounces up and down on Brandon’s boner. This time Joe gets satisfaction when Brandon fucks the cum out of him and then feeds him his own load.


Brandon Cody tops Roman Todd

Brandon Cody & Roman Todd (Drill My Hole)

Brandon Cody and Roman Todd enjoy a day at the beach. Then Brandon fucks the cum out of Roman in this Fire Island fuckfest.

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Brandon tops Cassian

Brandon & Cassian: Bareback (Sean Cody)

“Sexy bottom Cassian is back to get his ass owned by our top model! Brandon was left speechless as our newbie threw all sorts of compliments at him. Cassian was pretty much in heaven, considering even just kissing Brandon was a dream come true for him. “That was the best!” Cassian was practically weak in the knees after the first kiss… and after getting a hard pounding, he was spent, but that craving his hole had was very much satisfied!” — Sean Cody

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Brandon Cody tops Johnny Rapid

Johnny Rapid & Brandon Cody (Drill My Hole)

Sean Cody’s Brandon (now Brandon Cody) has found a new home at, and in his newly re-branded debut he’s paired with Men’s biggest little star Johnny Rapid. Both are gay-for-pay and fell ass backwards into porn — so, naturally, they hit it off. I like how Johnny starts out by talking about his girlfriend but still gets a boner while deepthroating Brandon’s cock.

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Brandon fucks Lane up the butt

Brandon & Lane: Bareback (Sean Cody)

Lane was super excited to be paired up with Brandon. Pretty much everything was appealing to him! “I think the sex is going to be pretty rough and aggressive… which I love rough and aggressive sex so, I’m hoping he’ll smack me around a bit and make me his bitch!” Lane had a hopeful look to him. The second he saw Brandon’s dick, he went right for it, took control and stuck it right in his mouth… he was definitely hungry for cock, as always! Brandon had other plans… he roughed Lane up quite a bit, and you didn’t hear a complaint coming from him at all! Only moans and groans! — Sean Cody


Brandon bangs Manny bareback

Brandon & Manny: Bareback (Sean Cody)

We met up with Brandon at his hotel room in the morning only to find Manny under the covers blowing him.

“Brandon, did you just wake up with a boner and a Manny?” We laughed.

Manny responded for him, “I mean, what other better way to wake up?”

Manny was just going at it. Brandon’s dick was his. He was so aroused that he couldn’t control himself and came all over Brandon’s dick and licked it all up again.

Back at the studio, Brandon and Manny were all over each other. This goes without saying, but Brandon really pounded Manny out good. — Sean Cody


Brandon bottoms bareback for Chase

Brandon & Chase: Bareback (Sean Cody)

Brandon’s celebrating his 5th anniversary, but Chase is the one who gets the present when Brandon lets him fuck his world famous bubble butt. Hop over to Sean Cody to watch Brandon get a facial and creampie during this rare bottoming scene.


Duncan does his buddy Brandon

Duncan & Brandon: Bareback (Sean Cody)

Duncan is back to bottom for Brandon! They’ve filmed together before, but in a hot threesome, so a one-on-one scene was filled with high hopes for this sexy duo… and they definitely delivered! Watching these two hotties play around the pool and get wet in those briefs was such a treat. Naturally, the sex was an even tastier treat! Brandon really gave Duncan a good pounding… what else do you offer an old friend? — Sean Cody


Blake and Brandon bareback

Brandon & Blake: Bareback (Sean Cody)

“Have you two ever met?” I asked Brandon.

“We have for sure! We’ve passed each other in the studio once or twice but this is the first time I’ve ever been able to work with him.”

Blake was pretty excited as well. “I like when I get to bottom for the big muscle guys! It’s nice to be able to give up control a bit.”

The two went to the bay to goof off and build up some sexual tension before heading back to the studio. “Just trying to get the heart pumping before, you know… he pounds me out!” Blake laughed.

Blake and Brandon took their time sixty-nining and really got ready to put on a show. — Sean Cody


Brandon pops Kellin’s cherry

Kellin & Brandon: Bareback (Sean Cody)

Kellin’s ready to break down some walls. He’s been with other guys before, but he’s never sucked a dick, and he’s never had anything up his ass — except for a finger this one time when he was 24, but that hardly counts. This bi-curious bro takes a shine to Brandon so he gives him the honors. Watch Kelling taste his first cock, and see Brandon “de-virginize” Kellin’s straight cherry ass.


Monday moon shot — Brandon

Brandon (Sean Cody)

Brandon and his juicy, no longer virgin bubble butt in nothing but a jockstrap.


Brandon’s first time bottoming

Brandon & Tanner: Bareback (Sean Cody)

His big, juicy bubble butt is easily Brandon’s most striking feature. And he finally gives it up to his most trusted screen partner Tanner. It’s Brandon’s first bottoming scene, so Tanner is gentle. First he loosens Brandon up with a butt plug. And then he fucks him gently in the missionary position.


Brandon does Nathan

Brandon & Nathan: Bareback (Sean Cody)

Longtime Sean Cody fan Nathan makes his first boy-boy video with fan favorite Brandon. And he can’t wait to be turned into Brandon’s cum bucket.


Brandon vs. Brendan

Brandon & Brendan: Bareback (Sean Cody)

It’s a battle of the bubble butts when Sean Cody fan favorite Brandon is paired with Sean Cody newbie Brendan. He’s a little bit nervous at first but really gets into when he goes down on Brandon and eats out his luscious ass. There’s some light felching action when Brendan splooges on Brandon’s hole and then licks him clean. They finish things off with a good old fashion butt fuck with Brandon pounding Brendan’s ass until the jizz starts dribbling out of his hard cock.


Brandon bones Porter

Porter & Brandon: Sean Cody (Sean Cody)

Watch Porter get a cock ride from his cuddle buddy Brandon. He makes Porter cum twice and feeds him a creamy load.


Brandon does Daniel

Brandon & Daniel: Bareback (Sean Cody)

When Sean Cody paired Brandon, the bubble-butted boy-toy, with Daniel, a bone-hard power bottom, the result was one of the most explosive fuck scenes ever. In the end they both cum so hard the walls are spattered with semen.


Brandon bangs Perry bareback

Brandon & Perry: Bareback (Sean Cody)

During this hot bareback fuck scene Perry lets Brandon bust a nut inside his butt.


Brandon does Duke bareback

Sean Cody -- Duke & Brandon: Bareback

Brandon and Duke are perfect match. Two sculpted hunks with perfect bubble butts. One is a randy top and the other’s a slutty bottom boy. After some summer fun in the infinity pool in their skimpy swimsuits, Brandon and Duke fool around in the shower. Then Brandon takes him to bed and fucks him raw.


Brandon, Peter & Duncan threesome

Sean Cody -- Brandon, Peter & Duncan: Bareback

Three buddies, Brandon, Peter and Duncan, have a bareback threeway.


Bubble butted Brandon


Brandon gets his first rimjob and blowjob from resident cocksucker Jamie at Sean Cody. And in his latest video he eagerly sucks his first dick during another frenzied boy-boy fuck scene with baby-faced bottom Jeffrey. More hot naked pics after the jump…