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Jimmy & Will’s Fire Island fuck

Will Wikle & Jimmy Durano (CockyBoys)

Will Wikle, a former Big Brother contestant, hooks up with gay porn star Jimmy Durano at Fire Island vacation home. Watch his luscious bubble butt get fingered and fucked under an outdoor shower.


Will Wikle does Jimmy Durano

Jimmy Durano & Will Wikle (CockyBoys)

After spending a day at the beach, Jimmy Durano and Will Wikle take it to the next level with a little oral foreplay in Will Wikle’s second hardcore feature.


Colby Keller seduces Will Wikle

Colby Keller & Will Wikle (CockyBoys)

Watch Colby Keller seduce Will Wikle (Big Brother 5) in The Stillest Hour: Part Two.


Will Wikle bottoms for Colby Keller

Colby Keller & Will Wikle in The Stillest Hour (CockyBoys)

Maybe you’ve seen that video of Will Wikle (the reality TV star turned porn dabbler) walking the streets of New York in nothing but a tiny bikini brief — or his big soapy booty in that nude Paper Mag photo shoot. And maybe when you saw his big round bubble butt you wished you could see it getting fucked. Well, this month your wish has been granted as CockyBoys has finally released the hardcore debut of BB5 Will.

The former Big Brother contestant (who married into the gay porn industry) bottoms for Colby Keller in The Stillest Hour, a two-part CockyBoys feature. The first installment features Will in a brief hardcore tease, reprising the main event — Colby’s epic stairwell suck-and-fuck session with Levi Karter. These hardcore promotional stills give you an up-close-and-personal view of the action.


Monday moon shot — Will Wikle

Will Wikle shower nudes

Anyone up for a game of Big Booty? Kim K isn’t the only reality TV star to show off a big bare bubble butt in Paper Mag. Will Wikle — formerly of Big Brother 5, currently of CockyBoys — also showed off his big, round man mounds in a slippery full frontal nude shower photo shoot.


Johnny Cockfill fills her up

Johnny Cockfill in Mind Games (Daring Sex)

It’s the notorious Johnny Cockfill (aka Johnny Anglais). He’s the scandalous school teacher who got sent to the principal’s office after being outed as a part-time porn star, male stripper and naked butler. He was also a contestant on the UK edition of Big Brotherthe porniest reality TV series in the world — under his real name, Benedict Garrett. He seems to have retired from adult films, but he did make one recent full frontal appearance in the 2015 British comedy Legacy.

See some hardcore shots of Johnny playing Mind Games with Yuffie Yulan after the jump…


Bel Ami PinUp Tommy Hansen

Tommy Hansen

Tommy Hansen is probably Bel Ami’s most notorious and controversial star. Before Tommy came along, George Duroy tried to keep a low profile in Bel Ami’s home country. But Tommy blew the lid off all of that and became a tabloid sensation after outing himself as a porn star on the Czech version of Big Brother. (He finished in third place.) He was also, briefly, the face of Müller yogurt, but that all ended when the ultra conservative company got wind of his gay porn past.


Big Brother 14’s Wil — nude

Wil Heuser -- from Big Brother

After this douche bag betrayed Janelle for no reason whatsoever even though she saved his sorry ass from getting evicted from the Big Brother house, it was really sweet to watch Big Brother 14’s token gay Wil Heuser get sent home last week by the guy he chose to save. Wil was one of those awful casting choices that make me suspect the producers have a secret, anti-gay agenda. Just a miserable person to watch. And so bad at the game! It’s been years since they cast a gay guy worth rooting for.

Yes, I hate this miserable toolbag. But… After seeing his naked, Brent Corrigan-esque ass during his birthday strip and streak on the live feeds, I could hate-fuck dickhead so hard the bed would end up in the next room. Oh, and, Wil, Jennifer Anniston called. She said you can keep her haircut. Because that look was played-out in 1997.

Naked screen grabs after the jump…


Will Wikle’s nearly nude stroll through New York City

Remember when Will Wikle was just a wee, no rx little twink who got drummed out of the Big Brother house by a couple of Bible-thumping harpies? Now he has a body like Thor that he likes showing off. He turns quite a few female heads and makes some straight dudes feel extremely uncomfortable as he wanders the streets of New York in a hot pink micro-bikini brief.


Really Big Brother — Jonas Sulzbach

Jonas Sulzbach, a star of Brazilian Big Brother and a former Mr. Brazil, shows off his impressive rock-hard endowment on a webcam. Somebody get Chi Chi on the line — STAT!

H/T: Yep, Big Brother Brasil’s Jonas Sulzbach Made A Sex Tape


Brendon’s Big Brother boner

Whoops! Big Brother house guest Brendon Villegas got caught tweeting his dick. I guess Brendon’s webcam got between Rachel and her man. He joins the ranks of Nick Starcevic, pharmacy Steven Daigle and Crazy James.

Uncensored boner shot after the jump…


Cliff Jensen nails Steven Daigle

More Big Brother porn. Cliff Jensen pounds Steven Daigle‘s tight cowboy ass.


Big Brother star beats off for Playgirl

Steven Daigle, decease of Big Brother reality TV fame, diagnosis jacks off for Playgirl video…

Get more like this from PlaygirlTV.

Tyler Torro fucks Steven Daigle

Steven Daigle, view the reality star turned porn star, and gets fucked silly by Tyler Torro


BB8’s Nick Starcevic — full frontal

Big Brother 8's Nick Starcevic full frontal nude

Move over, unhealthy Steven Daigle and Crazy James. Pornographic pics of another Big Brother hunk are floating around the internet. Nick Starcevic of Big Brother 8 tweeted this shot of his stiff prick.

Uncensored boner shot after the jump…


Steven Daigle: XXXposed

Big Brother 10 house guest Steven Daigle — by far the cutest token gay to have ever participated in the reality TV series — makes his porn debut this week in Rascal’s eponymous XXX video. Here’s the first glimpse of Steven Daigle: XXXposed, thumb a video that capitalizes on his career on the gay rodeo circuit. He’s sort of a real-life version of Jack Twist. I wish I could quit… staring at his cute ass!


America hates Jessie Godderz (updated)

Jessie Godderz of Big Brother 10Big Brother contestant Jessie Godderz — the part time nude model and full time narcissist — spent the past week writing checks his arrogant ass couldn’t cash and learned that strutting around like a tool while antagonizing people even though you need their vote isn’t the most winningest stategery. Viewers were given a chance to weigh in via text message and cast the deciding vote that got him evicted from the Big Brother hamster habitrail. Jessie is survived in the house by Michelle, online a leotarded, pig-feet-eating, Portuguese real estate agent from Rhode Island.

Michelle vowed to avenge her beloved Jessie’s ouster after winning a shot at picking the next potential evictees. Poor thing doesn’t seem to realize Jessie might not be playing on the same team.

UPDATE: Here’s Jessie’s incoherent exit interview with Entertainment Weekly where shares his thoughts about the show and how gays and Jews run Hollywood and the banking industry. Oy vey!

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Big Brother Jackass Jessie Godderz nude

We cannot display this galleryDon’t let the baby face fool you. From what I’ve seen, Jessie Godderz of “Big Brother 10” is the biggest asshole in the house — a preening douche bag who expects the other hamsters to lick his feet. Being a braying jackass is a prerequisite for getting cast on this show, so that’s saying something.

This week they evicted Steven, this season’s one and only gay. In Jessie’s goodbye message he said, “Hey, Steven, I’m glad you realized how awesome I am and that you’re trying to become as awesome as me. Good luck with that.” OK, not his exact words, but that’s the gist.

Not that Steven was any prize. Read After Elton to find out what Steven, the willfully ignorant rodeo clown cowboy had to say about Libra, the homophobic black woman. See what I mean? Braying jackasses, all of them.

Like so many other reality show contestants Jessie has some nude photos in his past. Other “Big Brother” cast members who’ve bared all for the cameras include Hardy Hill (BB2) who appeared in a softcore porno called Summer Desire. Josh Feinberg (BB3) got naked for Playgirl Magazine.

And then there’s Crazy James, the “Big Brother 9” cast mate who topped them all by doing hardcore gay porn for Dirty Boy Video. Not a fan of the alt-boy’s tats or the faux hawk, but Crazy James has a nice dick. And he put his cock sucker’s lips to good use. You can see Crazy James in action here. He also appeared in Dirty Tricks, an online pornographic sitcom.

UPDATE: People claiming to be Jessie’s friends have been spreading rumors about his sexuality. These so-called friends also say they have pictures that are even racier than the nudes that are currently in circulation. Ai! With friends like these who needs enemas?

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