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Benjamin wants to try something new

Benjamin (Sean Cody)

Benjamin was really excited to be shooting with us and was pretty open to whatever we had planned for him. “There is one thing that I want to try.”

“Oh yeah, what’s that?” I asked.

Benjamin got a little nervous and an adorable smile snuck up on him. “I’ve never tried any sex toys. I figure when in Rome, might as well give it a shot!”

“Don’t worry we have some stuff back at the studio that I think you will really like.”

Benjamin has been out for a while but still really likes the whole idea of getting with a straight guy. Turns out that’s actually one of the reasons why he is such a huge fan of the site. “It’s almost like taboo and it makes the whole adventure a little more exciting. Straight guys are more of a challenge. I like it!” — Sean Cody


Cute Asian hottie Christian Thorn

Christian Thorn

New Asian model Christian Thorn gets naked so he can rub one out.


Sweet assed Johnny Angel

Johnny Angel

Sweet Asian stud Johnny Angel showing his sexy butt by the pool at Randy Blue…


Chris & Johnny play sexy games

I like to encourage my more experienced models to take the newer guys under their wing and help them become the best performers they can. Chris Rockway was hanging around the studio when Johnny Angel was getting ready for his first appearance on Randy Blue Live.

Johnny was really nervous so Chris went to talk with him. Well, one thing led to another and the two of them got a little touchy feely. I can’t blame them, really. So many men have been in that room having sex, jerking off, sucking each other’s cocks and shooting their loads that, even though we do a great job of cleaning it, the pheromones and the sexual energy is enough to give any guy a hardon just walking into it. What the guys didn’t know was that we were testing the cameras and got the entire thing on tape! And while Johnny was nervous, there is nothing better to calm one’s nerves than a blowjob from Chris Rockway.

Chris has gotten really good at sucking dick. He gave Johnny a good lesson on how to really pleasure another man with his mouth. He rolled his tongue up and down his shaft, using all of his mouth to make Johnny moan like a pup in heat. And when he let Johnny have a go at it we found out that he sure was a quick learner. It was so hot watching him suck Chris’ huge boner and then looking up from time to time to make sure he was doing a good job.

He got Chris so damn hot that he had to have a crack at that ass. He lay Johnny down on his back and gently worked his pole into Johnny’s tight hole. And not having had too much experience with other men, Johnny was in pure ecstasy. Chris showed him various different positions to get fucked in and he loved each one more than the last. Johnny loves sex and just couldn’t get enough. I didn’t see this video until the next day, and although he came to his first show nervous he left feeling wonderful and excited about returning for more work. Now I know why. — Randy Blue

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