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Tobias does Arnaud Chagall

Arnaud Chagall & Tobias

Cocky Boys newcomer Tobias gets a very warm welcome from seasoned porn veteran Arnaud Chagall. Arnaud gives Tobias some head and then bends over so that Tobias can pound his perfect bubble butt.


The Haunting — Arnaud does Ricky

Ricky Roman & Arnaud Chagall

Ricky Roman and Arnaud Chagall find true love in the afterlife in The Haunting III: A Kiss Before Goodnight. OMG! It’s just like Ghost. Can’t you just hear those heavenly strains of “Unchained Melody” playing?

Watch The Haunting III at it at Cocky Boys.


Tony Milan does Arnaud Chagall

Tony Milan & Arnaud Chagall

Arnaud Chagall is a versatile fucker, but after taking one look at Tony Milan’s smoldering good looks, he knew he had to get fucked by him. Watch them hookup at Cocky Boys.


The Haunting — Dillon, Jake & Arnaud

The Haunting

During a Halloween drive through the country, Jake Steel and Dillon Rossi stop to fool around in a cemetery. “I might give you a blowjob, but not ‘do it,'” Jake says. “That would be creepy.” They go down on each other behind a mausoleum — with Dillon swallowing Jake’s load. But they awaken the restless spirit of “creepy but hot” Arnaud Chagall, a very friendly ghost who follows them back to their Amityville Horror-style country house for a phantasmagorical threeway. Nice homage to The Shining in the opening minutes.