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Marc & Ariel Keepin’ it clean

Marc Ruffalo & Ariel Vanean (Bel Ami Online)

Here’s some more intimate eroticism with bathing beauties Marc Ruffalo and Ariel Vanean. Ariel’s looking so luscious, and Marc not too bad either. See their full-sized pin-up gallery after the jump…

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4Play — Ariel & Marc

Gay porn stars Ariel Vanean & Marc Ruffalo (Bel Ami Online)

What’s this I see? Somebody’s having a dick slip. Looks like Ariel Vanean just awakened Marc Ruffalo‘s sleeping giant.

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Husband material — Ariel Vanean

Gay porn star Ariel Vanean (Bel Ami Online)

He’s always been fuckable, but seeing Ariel Vanean cuddling this adorable fur baby makes me wish he’d marry me a little.

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Art Collection — Ariel Vanean

Gay porn star Ariel Vanean (Bel Ami Online)

Ariel Vanean performs his ablutions in a sunken bathtub in this Bel Ami Art Collection by Rick Day.

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Ariel teaches Fabio some new tricks

Fabio & Ariel Vanean (Lucas Kazan)

Rendezvous in Milano for Bel Ami veteran Ariel Vanean and Italian up-and-comer Fabio. Ariel may have learnt a few skills to teach, but Fabio is a quick –and eager– learner, don’t you think? — Lucas Kazan


Physical Perfection — Ariel does Roald

Ariel Vanean and Roald Ekberg (Bel Ami Online) (1)

Today, we bring you PHYSICAL PERFECTION in the form of Ariel Vanean and Roald Ekberg, two of BelAmi’s most popular stars. Here we see two confident, self-assured beautiful men who both know how to give and receive pleasure, showing off for us mere mortals! Ariel and Roald are in top physical condition here and they personify PHYSICAL PERFECTION. Ariel is a long time fan favorite but in recent years he has worked out more and more to stay in top shape and it shows! This 5 star pairing deliver a perfect performance to get you in the mood for Valentine’s Day. — Bel Ami Online


Ariel Vanean fucks up-and-comer Ken

Ariel Vanean & Ken (Lucas Kazan)

Czech Republic vs. Costarica. Seasoned pro vs. up-and-comer. Football player vs. agile cheerleader… “We knew Ken Summers and Ariel Vanean, on loan from Bel Ami Studios, would be a good fit for each other,” says director Ettore Tosi. “And a HOT match they were.” “We’ve long wanted to work with Ariel,” adds producer Lucas Kazan. “He’s a porn legend in his own right and worth waiting for. We invited Ariel to Milano, asked him to grow his beard and gave him a rougher, more mature look, but no less sexy, than our friends at BelAmiOnline.” The end result? You be the judge… — Lucas Kazan


Ariel Vanean & Jack Blue get it up

Ariel Vanean & Jack Blue (Bel Ami Online)

Ariel Vanean helps Jack Blue get it up during a stimulating softcore Bel Ami photo shoot.


Bel Ami superstar Ariel Vanean

Gay porn star Ariel Vanean (Bel Ami Studios)

Glamour shots of Bel Ami pin-up Ariel Vanean posing nude on a couch.


Bel Ami PinUp Ariel Vanean

Ariel Vanean

Oh my! Of course, I know who this is, but never fully appreciated just how gorgeous he is. Until now. Bel Ami stud Ariel Vanean is — from head to toe, every single inch — male perfection. See the rest of him after the jump…


Ariel Vanean does Keiron Athey

Ariel Vanean & Keiron Athey

Ariel Vanean does Keiron Athey in an exclusive scene featured at