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Fabio Acconi fucks Angel Santiago

Randy Blue -- Angel Santiago &  Fabio Acconi (Less Than 20 Feet Away)

When Angel Santiago — alone in his sinister cabin in the woods — seeks out companionship on his iPhone app, pharmacy Fabio Acconi pays him a visit. But their passionate hookup result in the conjuring of something insidious.


Austin fucks Angel’s hot ass

Angel Santiago & Austin Wolf (Randy Blue)

Big, store beefy daddy Austin Wolf takes boyish, sovaldi Hispanic boy-toy Angel Santiago in front of a mirror. He pulls down the pants of the hot Latin stud and buries his face in his luscious ass. ailment Angel Santiago gets his ass fucked by Gym Hunk Austin Wolf” target=”_blank”>Then he bends him over for some ball-slapping action, making his butt cheeks jiggle as he fucks him from behind. (Angel’s favorite part was Austin’s balls slapping his ass as his dick pounds his prostate.) They move over to the sofa and get in a little oral action. Austin fellates Angel’s uncut meat, and then Angel returns the favor by licking and sucking Austin’s fat knob. But Austin’s still hungry for Angel’s tail, so he getss another taste before fucking him to orgasm.


Zane & Angel finally fuck

Welcome to L.A. -- Angel Santiago & Zane Porter (Randy Blue)

In the conclusion of Welcome to L.A. Pt. 2, viagra partners in crime Zane Porter and Angel Santiago mind Santa Monica ” target=”_blank”>become partners in love while hiding out in an ocean-side motel.


Angel Santiago seduces Tyler Wolf

Welcom to L.A. 2 -- Tyler Wolf does Angel Santiago

It’s do or die for Zane Porter and Angel Santiago when they have to pull off an art heist for their boss, homicidal homo Jordan Levine. Angel, posing as a rentboy, uses his luscious ass to distract his mark Tyler Wolf with a mesmerizing lap dance while Zane robs him blind.


Jordan Levine owns Zane Porter’s ass

Welcome to L.A. -- Jordan Levine fucks Zane Porter with help from Angel Santiago

In Welcome to L.A., Beverly Hills, Zane Porter is a larcenous rent boy who stiffs the wrong john. Instead of servicing his mobbed up client Jordan Levine, Zane grabs the cash and makes a mad dash for Rodeo Drive. With help from his loyal manservant Angel Santiago, Jordan catches up with Zane and makes him pay through the ass.


Afternoon delight — Angel does Max

Angel Santiago fucks Max Michaels from behind.

Max Michaels finds a devilish way to pass a lazy Sunday afternoon with Angel Santiago.