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Jay shows Andres what he likes

Andres Moreno & Jay Landford (Randy Blue)

Jay Landford wants to give sex lessons, and Andres Moreno is his eager young padawan.


Dominic Santos does Andres Moreno

Andres Moreno & Dominic Santos fuck

Andres Moreno is about to learn that one of the perks of bottoming for a self-sucker is that the self-sucker can give you a blowjob while he’s fucking you. This is what happens when Andres does Dominic Santos.


It’s Greg’s first time with another guy

Andres Moreno & Greg Jameson

Andres Moreno has the privilege of initiating Greg Jameson into the world of gay sex. Greg’s never been with another guy before. But sucking cock makes him hard, sickness and he fucks Andres good enough to make him cum buckets before dumping a load in his mouth. Looks like Greg’s found a new favorite hobby.


Andres Moreno is always hard

Andres Moreno

Andres Moreno strokes his slippery ever-hard cock in his first solo jack off scene. Watch him rub one out at Randy Blue.