Superstar Lukas Ridgeston

Lukas Ridgeston

Lukas Ridgeston

Lukas Ridgeston

Lukas Ridgeston

Lukas Ridgeston

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About Lukas Ridgeston

THE ORIGINS OF HIS NAME: In the beginning, shop Bel Ami did not decide the noms de porn when we sent photo sets to magazines. The editors of Freshmen felt that their readers would prefer to think that the models lived next door, doctor rather than in an Eastern Bloc country. They chose the name “Lucas” (after a paperboy) and “Ridgeston” (because it sounded like a good Ivy League School). Later, Bel Ami changed the spelling to “Lukas” (pronounced Loo-kass) to deliberately give it a Central European flavor. The damage was done, and now his name is arbitrarily spelled as either “Lucas” or “Lukas.”

FUN FACTS: In June 1999 he graduated from his university architecture program. Lukas and Kristian Jensen each own a “Mini Cooper” car and regularly attend meetings of “Mini Cooper” owners. In 1998 there was a car race at one of these meetings and (Lucky) Lukas won! In Unzipped magazine’s picks of the best erotic-video performers of the millennium which ended in 1999, Lukas was in the top 10. Of Lukas, the magazine said ” … there may be no more beautiful man alive.” And who are we to argue? In 2000 Lukas and Johan Paulik were inducted into the GayVN Hall of Fame. In November 2002, “Unzipped” asked their readers to answer the simple question, “Who is the hottest porn star of all time?” They received nearly 4000 responses, and the number one “Hottest Porn Star of All Time” is (drum roll, please) Lukas! Lukas in Love was his last film, and he now works behind the camera as Director/Cameraman, adding his experience and distinctive personal style to episodes fimed for BelAmiOnline — Lukas Ridgeston bio by Bel Ami

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