Steve & Ben make Melissa a sandwich

Melissa grabs Steve Hooper's cute buttHere’s the sex fantasy I dreamed up for this series… Our lucky lady Melissa made the mistake of scheduling two dates for the same night. Imagine how embarrassed she was when Ben English and try Bailey, Steve Bailey, Steve Adore) IAFD bio” href=”” target=”_blank”>Steve Hooper showed up at her apartment at the same time. Sending either of these men home after they both went to the trouble of dressing up for a night out would never do. No point in ending the night with hurt feelings. Always one to make lemons out of lemonade, Melissa salvaged a potentially awkward situation by dragging Ben and Steve back to her bedroom for some fun.

I mainly chose this hetero porn set because it features Steve Hooper, the straight male porn star who’s graced the pages of Playgirl Magazine and the servers of suit fetish porn site Men At Play. I was also drawn to this set because it features one of my favorite sex fantasies — having a threesome with two good looking guys. There’s something about MMF threeways that gives me an extra thrill. I dunno. Maybe it’s the latent homoeroticism.

If you’re into this sort of thing — and especially if you’re a fan of Steve Hooper — I highly recommend a video he co-directed with his buddy Tony DeSergio. The aptly titled More Than She Expected.

There’s 103 pix in this series spread across two pages…

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