Ryan Idol — attempted murderer

Now this is just fucked up!

Former gay porn star Ryan Idol (real name Marc Anthony Donais) was convicted of attempted murder earlier this week over a 2009 incident. During a bathroom brawl, Idol smashed the lid of a toilet tank over his ex-girlfriend’s head. Idol pleaded self-defense, claiming his ex had a knife, but the jury didn’t buy it since she was taking a bath at the time.

Idol — a self-described bisexual — found porn superstardom after appearing in the February 1989 issue of Playgirl magazine. At one point he was the biggest and highest paid actor in gay porn. He dropped out of porn in 1996, plagued with all manner of personal and professional problems.

And, as if all that wasn’t bad enough, he used to be hot back in the day, but now he looks like the brother from The Wonder Years.

Obviously the guy’s a jerk, but don’t let any of this stop you from fapping to his old videos

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