Private Lusts — Tyler blows Cody

When Cody Cummings gives Tyler Morgan a taste of his big dick, Tyler’s so thirsty for a shot of Cody’s hot cum, he’s like the proverbial kid in the proverbial candy store. Just look at how he wags his tail like a puppy dog while he’s sucking Cody’s dick.

When Cody Cummings wants to indulge his most private yearnings, he goes behind closed doors. With him, he only brings the object of his desires, this time it’s a boy named Tyler Morgan.

Cody has been estranged too long from the decadent pleasure of feeling a hot, sexy young man’s warm mouth wrapped around his throbbing cock. Cody’s massive erections have grown more and more desperate in this absence. But now, the incredible feelings, the intense ecstasy returns as Tyler carefully and with passion sucks the whole length of Cody’s enormous, hard dick. From the door to the washroom, they move to the fine linens of the soft bed. There, Tyler brings Cody closer with every stroke and every slurp, to that unparalleled peak of immeasurable eruption. This time, Cody’s bringing you with him. Experience the incredible sensations, feel his strength, follow him to the edge of conscious pleasure. — Cody Cummings

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