Pleasure at the pump

Straight male porn star Mario Rossi fucking

Ever feel like you’re getting fucked every time you fill up the gas tank? There might be less pain at the pump if a gas station attendant who looked like Mario Rossi (bio) was checking out what’s under your hood. Alexia, the pampered princess, wants full service from blue collar gas jockey Mario.

About this model:

Mario Rossi

  • Name: Mario Rossi
  • Also Known As: Attila, Marco Spinosa, Sandor Vesanyi, Mario Russo, Mario Levente, Tony, Mario
  • Birth Date: April 1972
  • Birthplace: Budapest, Hungary
  • Sexual Preference : Straight/Gay for Pay
  • Buy His Videos: TLA Video (gay), TLA Video (straight)
  • Video On Demand: Male-Erotika Porn 4 Women, MaleFlixxx
  • He was billed as a straight porn star in the solo jack-off video Str8 Shots, but its an open secret that Mario Rossi began his adult video career in the 1990s working gay-for-pay for director Kristen Bjorn. (See ManWatcher & The Anchor Hotel) This Hungarian hunk currently works as an actor/director in the straight porn industry. He frequently appears in Playgirl’s hardcore couples videos. He’s also a featured model at the straight porn site Handy Studs. Additional biographical data courtesy of the Internet Adult Film Database.

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