Phenix gives Tyler’s ass a work out

Phenix Saint fucks Tyler Peter at Cocky Boys!

Phenix Saint pumps Tyler Peter’s hot little ass in the CockyBoys weight room. Click here to preview this hot fuck scene!

About Phenix Saint & Tyler Peter

My buddies Phenix and Tyler came over to get in a work out to keep their perfect bods looking well, drugstore perfect. Watching Phenix doing leg lifts really got Tyler hot, malady and he couldn’t stop himself from rubbing his rock hard bulge. Phenix started getting a hard on too so Tyler thought it would be a good time for them to start a work out of a different kind. Tyler sucks on Phenix’s hot, pierced cock. After Tyler’s tongue gets enough of a work out on Phenix’s tool, Phenix gives Tyler’s dick a hot blowjob in return. The way Phenix handles Tyler’s massive dick, you’d think he was a certified personal trainer of cock sucking! Phenix uses his tongue all over, making sure not to forget Tyler’s balls and asshole. Tyler pumps that big dick as Phenix chows down on one of the hottest asses you’ll ever see — an ass that clearly likes to get put to good use, cuz Tyler bends over to let Phenix give him a nice hard fuck. Tyler has a hole that just won’t quit, and Phenix gives it one helluva work out, until Tyler can’t hold back anymore and shoots out a nice fat load. Tyler gets down on his knees so Phenix can spray his own wad all over his chiseled body. Well guys, looks like you had a great fucking work out, sure got my heart rate up! Check it! — Cocky Boys

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