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About Nino Bacci

Nino Bacci was born in 1968 in British Columbia, Canada. Nino has enjoyed a great deal of success since the start of his career in the mid 1990’s. He is best known for his smooth, muscular physique and mouth-watering 9-inch uncut cock. On screen Nino is a driven performer equally comfortable as a bottom or top. In 2001 Nino won a Grabby Award for his group sex scene in All Worlds’ Conquered. Throughout his prolific trajectory Nino has been fortunate to work for some of the industry’s leading studios and best directors including Chi Chi LaRue. His versatile skills have made him a favorite not only of casting agents but also of avid gay porn fans. Although Nino has achieved a lot of success he has since stepped away from the industry. — Nino Bacci bio by AEBN

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