Nick Manning & Jason McCain tag team

Nick Manning & Jason McCain MMF threewayAfter Nick Manning’s buy viagra 351, prostate 2, treat 7064,” target=”_blank”>recent appearance in Playgirl I decided to dig up this MMF threeway from 2001. Nick and Jason McCain tag team a realistically proportioned (no balloon boobs) nymphet who goes by the moniker London.

Truth be told, Nick looks a bit paunchy in the newer Playgirl photo set, but he’s toned, tanned, and chiseled perfection in this older hardcore series.

A little “Sausage Factory” background on the models…

Nick “Dropping Loads” Manning is a Playgirl regular with numerous appearances in their “for ladies” DVD line. His performances are notorious for his over-the-top verbalizations. Unless you have a fetish for dirty talk, I strongly advise hitting the mute button if you ever watch one of his videos. Otherwise you’ll be laughing your ass off instead of cumming your brains out.

Jason McCain, an avowed heterosexual, made an unsuccessful crossover into all-male erotica back in 2002, but went back to doing straight porn a short time later. Porn director Johnny Thrust wrote pithy epitaph for McCain’s D.O.A. gay porn career: “He tried to be a gay star but became a heroin addict instead.”

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  1. Ob'Zine CallR

    😆 dropping my loads 😆

    lose the lady and let Nick and Jason got at it on there own. I know Jason like boys. 😆 Nick can be dropping his laods all over Jason’s face.

    July 17, 2008 at 11:05 pm

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