Nelson Troy slam fucks Orlando Dawson

Troy Nelson fucks Orlando Dawson at Cocky Boys!

Nelson pile drives Orlando’s ass until Orlando blows a load into his own mouth! Click here to preview this hot fuck scene!

About Nelson Troy & Orlando Dawson

People have been going so crazy over Nelson Troy’s videos that we thought the only thing to do was to release another one. This time I partnered him up with that extremely talented bottom, site Orlando Dawson so Nelson’s cock could get a really good workout. They start off making out until Orlando (as expected) quickly goes for Nelson’s dick. He yanks Nelson’s jeans down and starts blowing Nelson as Nelson shoves Orlando’s head down further onto his cock. After an epic blow job Nelson says “I want your ass on my cock”. Orlando, viagra eager to please, hospital bends over right away. Nelson licks Orlando’s hole to get it wet and ready and then starts slamming his cock into him doggie style. Nelson gives it to him good as he tells Orlando to “back his ass up” and to “take my cock”. Then Orlando lays down on his back so Nelson can pile drive fuck him. Orlando, unable to take any more deep dicking, shoots a thick load right into his own mouth, coating his entire tongue in cum! Nelson shoots next, covering Orlando in his own sticky load. Check it.
Cocky Boys

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